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Not receiving the emails/videos on my yahoo mail from Stamp TV.

I have been out of state for the last couple of months and not working on the computer cards.  When I returned home I realized that Stamp TV emails aren't coming through when new videos are available, etc.  Can you check from your end if there is any reason for that and I'll check to see if the Stamp TV emails are going into the spam box or someplace other than my Yahoo mail.  Thanks.

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Cheryl, go into your settings (on your page) and you'll find there's a spot there to have emails come to you directly.

Moderators don't always see messages here. This message has come through as a one-off message, not in the actual 'ask us' thread.

Hi Cheryl....we haven't had any other reports so check all your settings both here on STV and on your browser.  Let us know if it helps!

I receive them intermittently also.  I received the email about the 3rd sneak peek and that there is a release party tonight BUT have spent the last half hour trying to find out how to get to the party and saw your email and couldn't figure out how to send an email so thought I might tag onto yours.  Help!!!  not very computer literate so when I get thrown a snag like this, I can't figure out where to go.  I also saw that someone said something about Monday challenges or something like that and I don't know where to find this Monday stuff either as that doesn't come through as an email either.

Hi Everyone,

Some of our emails may go to your spam box depending on what the message contains.

For example, if you send you a photo of the new "Free" stamp sets, some email providers consider that spam. If our email says, "click here to watch the video" they think that is spam as well. So always check your spam box to see if we've sent you anything. 

We didn't have a release party last night, just a StampTV kit release so you didn't miss a party. :) The video link is on the main page here at StampTV.

You can always find our Mix it up Monday challenge on the challenge tab here at StampTV.


Gina K.

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