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Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, my bike broke. The fender cracked and because of the way the bike is set up, I had to leave it at the shop. My big plans for a glorious 4th of July all-day bike ride was thwarted. However, something fun came out of it...

I decided to go to work instead. I started cleaning up my office and I decided that it was time for a StampTV Studio overhaul and move! I cleaned up a huge area of my office and tomorrow, I will paint the wall. I ordered all new furniture for the set and I am planning on mixing in more front shot videos using my new set-up. The studio should be ready by the end of July and I can't wait! 

Our current set is in our theater room. We also use that room for classes and the constant breakdown and set up was getting old and very difficult to get lighting right each time we would "re" set up the set. With my new set-up, I can set it once and leave it! That will solve so many issues for me and allow me to do both types of videos whenever I want. :)

I ordered my furniture from IKEA and I am using all kind of storage units from Stamp-n-Storage. If you haven't checked out their site yet, click here to be blown away! (if you have Expedit or Kallax, visit their IKEA storage link!)


I just bought the slim ink pad holder- fits all the Gina K. Designs pads along with VersaMark, Memento, etc... And today I am getting the Petite Ink Pad holder for my new Oxide Ink Pads! They are having a 15% off sale today on all ink pad holders so I couldn't resist. :)

I am looking forward to this studio upgrade! I still have videos coming in the meantime. In fact, I have a watercolor one coming for you this week so stay tuned! 

Well, off to find that perfect Turquoise Sea or Ocean Mist paint color!

Make it a great day and Happy Stamping!


Gina K.

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Sound so exciting :)   I love Stamp-n-Storage I had to stay off there sight for a while.  I have 4 punch boxes and 4 ink pad holders that holds the markers and refills.   I am working on re-organizing my craft room.  Plan on getting the paper boxes and die magnet sheets.   Have fun, can't wait to see your new set up

Gina, sounds so fun! I have a great craft room but always think it would be fun to just start over! Enjoy!

How fun and exciting Gina!  Can't wait to see all!

Oh Gina, I can feel your excitement!  I am so happy for you!  I am also sorry about your bike!  Hugs :)

What fun - a new studio with all new furniture and a fun new color. And maybe we'll get to see your smiling face again along with the videos.

Next trip you'll have to give me a tour, ok?

Sorry about your bike, but it sounds like you made quite a bit of progress in your studio. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. What fun for you. 

That's wonderful, Gina! So happy for you! Not so happy for your bike - hope it is not too broken :(

Yea!  We get to see your beautiful face again!!!!!

AMEN, Sister Retta!!!  :o)

Retta Rae said:

Yea!  We get to see your beautiful face again!!!!!

Love this Kenny!  :) And double Amen to that! <3 

Kenny Fry said:

AMEN, Sister Retta!!!  :o)

Retta Rae said:

Yea!  We get to see your beautiful face again!!!!!

My face will be back. You guys SURE you want to see that? LOL

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