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 I watched the demo for opening the new tighter ink pads and then tried.  After breaking 2 newly manicured nails I finally got one open.  I personally would like the old ones back.  The stamp pads might stay juicy a little longer but I would save money on manicures.

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I totally approve of the new style of lids. I don't know how many times I would drop a stamp pad somehow and I ended  up with a colored kitchen floor. I walk unevenly and since most of my stamping supplies are all over the house instead of in one room I make lots of walking trips to gather things together. So it is no surprise that I would accidentally drop something. I hope this might help eliminate that issue. And, I think the ink will not dry out as fast either if the lid fits tighter. So in my opinion it was a great move on the manufacturer's part.

Gina Krupsky said:

It's not really an option to go back to the old ones. The manufacturer who does ink pads for all the companies is using this new lid size. So sorry.

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