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I live in Montana and I feel like I live in The middle of nowheres when it comes to having local card making friends. But I would like to make some I can keep in touch with, we can send cards to each other, maybe skype or just text or whatever. Like a pen pal but hopefully we can meet in person heck maybe cross off going to a convention off my bucket list. You can friend me.

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HI Tammy!

Welcome to StampTV! There are tons of stampers here and I sure you will make lots of friends! Glad to have you join us!


Gina K.

Thank you Gina I just talked to your company.

Tammy, I have met many wonderful people since being on this site.  A great way to meet people is to upload your cards.  Many of us love to look in the gallery and see new cards, new people, and leave wonderful comments.  Glad you are here!

Welcome Tammy, I also am fairly new to this site, but have been making cards for some time now.  This is a great site with so many nice people, you will enjoy it, and learn alot about card making!  I will look for your cards in the gallery.  Happy Stamping!

I will load cards as soon as I have made some. I am struggling to get one made.

Hi Tammy, I know this is a couple years late. but I am fairly new to stamp tv, I really like it. We just move to Williams az. ( close to the grand canyon) and I really miss being close to people with my love for card making and scrapbooking,

Happy day


Hi and Welcome to the group. I think you will love it here. Everyone is very helpful as well as friendly. If you have any questions, just ask and someone will answer. You can either Ask the Community or Ask the Moderators (mods)

Welcome Tammy.  I am sure you will be happy here.  The whole atmosphere is so non-threatening.  I have been in groups where I was afraid to post or ask for help--not here. 

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