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I am so excited! I ordered my very first set of nestabilites - scalloped petite small and plain petite large.
I watched Gina's videos to make sure I got the right ones. And to top that off, I got them (each set) for $16.65 over at - RitzCamera is the shops name. subtotals was 33.30 and $6.95 shipping fees so for $40.25 I got 2 sets!

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I was like you - so excited with my nestabilities.......... 15 sets later I still even more excited about my nestabilities! Therefore, I wanted to share this website with you. This is the sister store to Ritz and THERE IS NO SALES TAX and NO SHIPPING!! So, nesties are as cheap as 16.65 - out the door (or web as the case may be) I am currently waiting for my additional nesties that I have ordered... it becomes an addiction!!!

Enjoy your nesties! They make card making and scrapbooking so much easier! Vicki
Thanks so much, and I thought I was getting a good deal! I am going to check it out right now.

Thanks again Vicki!
I love RitzCamera. I've purchased all my nestabilities there and no one can beat their prices. Glad to see others use it too.

I've gotten some from Ritz before and now Scrapbookingalley!
Gotta love that price!
You're gonna LOVE 'em!
Wow that is great and thank you for sharing!

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