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My mom is dying of pancreatic cancer and would love your cards

Hi everybody. My mom got a diagnosis 4 weeks ago today of pancreatic cancer. It's 4 cm but there's an artery running through it. Not good. Surgery is not an option. She will not be doing chemo or radiation by choice and I don't blame her. She is down to 92 pounds now. My poor dad is a wreck and the kids and I are going up for a week. We just moved back to California at the beginning of April of this year and it would have been our first Thanksgiving together, but it's going to be our last. Mom is just not doing well at all. She sleeps about 18 hours a day and is in an incredible amount of pain. To top it all off, they sold their paid off home that they lived in for 30 years that was 15 minutes down the road from me where I grew up in Fairfield CA and moved to Chico, which is 2 hours north. Bad timing. Dad didn't want to sell the house, I told him not to sell the house, Mom really wanted to sell the house and it sold in 3 days in this economy. It was priced low and right. It's beautifully updated. So they're living in temporary housing in an apartment in Chico while their new condo got renovated. They were due to move the 28th. I asked dad to change it to next week so the kids and I can do it, i.e., help, as he does have movers, but supervise the move. He just can't do it and mom needs a real home. Mom is not expected to see 2012 and we would be surprised if she made it to Christmas. I've asked every craft group that I know to plese send my mom cards of encouragement, scripture, a humorous cards, but please, NO GET WELL card. She is not going to get well unless God intervenes in a BIG way. My dad would use some encouragement cards too.


I've spread the word to almost every crafty group that I know and her mailbox is filling up and it each and every one of you who brighten her life and left her spirits. Dad tells me that she reads the cards several times each and points out all of the beauty. This is such a blessing to her and it is YOU who is making the difference while my mom dies. She looks forward to them every day and makes dad check the mailbox at least 4x a day. Your cards are the only good thing in her life right now. She loves each and every one of them so much and with the upcoming move next week, part of my duties is to move all of her cards and set them up in her bedroom because she wants them all to look at.


You ladies are truly making a difference in mom's life and that is what is we do - we make a difference in people's life


I humbly ask that you send my parents cards and fill their mailbox. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and may God bless you. This means the world to me knowing such wonderful women with big hearts to do this for her.


Below is their address. Please feel free to share it with your other crafty friend in other groups as well. Again, thank you so much.If you have any questions, please email me at cindycoutts at


Bill Blancett (my dad)
Reggi Blancett (my mom)
26 Northwood Commons Place
Chico CA 95973

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You are a wonderful daughter for taking such good care of your mom's emotional health.  I'll get started on a card for her right now.  You and your parents will be in my prayers.


I am so terribly sorry to hear about your mom.  I lost my aunt to pancreatic cancer and am sorry your mom is having to go through all of that pain.  I'm an going to look through my cards and send one to her!  I am sending prayers up for the angels of comfort to come down and surround your mom and the angels of support to surround you and your family during this most difficult time. (((hugs)))

This must be so hard, but I am glad that cards do lift her spirits.  I will pray that you will stay strong and well during this difficult time and for your dad also.  My husband also lots his mum to pancreatic cancer.  I will get a card sent right awy.

Hi Cindy

So hard to hear about your MoM and Dad. I give you my symphany and hope it helps some.

I will get a card in the mail today  11-23-11 and start my prayers right away.

marlene geiger

Sorry it took so long, went postal yesterday x

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