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Hi Friends,

Two weeks ago, my mom took a bad fall and ended up shattering her tibia and ankle. She ended up having surgery that included both rods and screws. She's out of commission and she's currently in a skilled nursing center for rehabilitation so she can walk again. It's going to be a long haul but I am glad that nothing worse happened!

Many of you know that my mom is the one who hand wraps thousands of packs of ribbon that go into our StampTV kits and into our Color Companion ribbon packs. She's REALLY missing what she calles her little "job" with us and we miss her immensely!! If any of you would like to send her one of your handmade cards, I know she would love it, (and maybe with some ribbon on it?)

You can send cards to:

Gina K. Designs- Attention Ruth 
4916 Triangle Street 
McFarland, WI 53558

I will be going back to Madison a couple of times a week to visit her and to bring her things so I can bring cards to her that come in the mail. No pressure to anyone, but I know you guys have large stashes of cards! LOL! Thanks so much! 


Gina K.

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 Hope she gets better real soon. I'm sure she is ready to do the ribbons again.  Big ((( HUGS ))) for Ruth .   :)  <3

So sorry to hear - I'm sure she is NOT happy to be just sitting around without her ribbon. Would be glad to send something - we ALL love her!

I'd love to send her a card! She is so sweet!

What is your mom's first name?

Its a little bit far for me to send a card but I do send lots of hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Ruth. xxxooo

Tell Ruth we are thinking of her and will say a prayer for her complete recovery! Will get a card out too!

Hugs and prayers for your mom. Hope she's able to be up and around soon. I'm sure she misses her ribbon.

From Millan.Net

Making a card today!!! Hope she gets better xoxox

Absolutely, and hope for a speedy her own pace, of course.

Getting old is not for sissies, I am finding that out myself.  She does an excellent job with those ribbons, and boy, I wouldn't want that job!  teehee

Perhaps you need to bring some to her to do on her down time, from Physical Therapy.  We all want to be needed, and she is the best ribbon gal, on the planet!  LOL

How are you doing with all this, Gina?  It has to be scary for the whole family.  Keep your chin up, and take care of yourself, also.  Good luck to all of you!!!

I am getting a card out on Monday! Hugs to you and your family too Gina. Take care!

Of course! Thank you for sharing this with us.

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