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Last wednesday Milly Boele, a 12 year old girl went missing from her home in my hometown Dordrecht. The whole country was looking for her. Yesterday a 26 year old man reported himself to the police saying he got information. He is a policeman himself and they arrested him and went looking in his house and garden. They found her body in last night, just 2 doors from her home! This really breaks my heart. :( This is an absolute nightmare for every (grand)parent. I had a horrible night, i kept thinking of it and crying. It happened in the street were my dentist is, so i know exactly were it happened. Unbelieveble that something like this can happen. This is also awful for the other police agents, knowing that somebody they work with did this!


Thank you all for a 'listening ear' and when i have more news i will share it with you!

Greetings, Debbie

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Debbie, that is just heartbreaking. How terribly frightening to have it happen so close to home. My heart goes out to the family and the whole community dealing with this tragedy. {{{hugs to you!}}}
So sorry Debbie, what a truly heartbreaking thing to happen... I know we lived in a part of Virginia many years ago where someone did something very similar, it makes you so very watchful and distrustful of mankind. {{HUGS}}
Thank you Theresa and Jennie. It really is heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the family, friends and people around them. I just hope that she didn't suffered much. The police is trying to find out why he did it, he only confessed that he took her with him to his house and that he killed and buried her that same day she dissappeared. It's just very, very sad.
I am so sorry...that is just horrible. Keeping that family and all of you in that area in my prayers. (((hugs)))
Oh Debbie...I'm so sorry.....I will keep you and the family in my prayers......and me, for what I would do to would hear that I was in jail and proud of it.......
Thank you Carolyn and Gloria! I know what you mean Gloria, i have the same feeling as you. Friday he was officially arrested. He isn't charged for murder ( he would have been in jail for 25 years or life), but for a lighter delict because the law-inforcement say he didn't plan to murder her and if this would be the only thing they charge him of, he would go to jail for 15 years. But they haven't given the outcome of the autopsy yet, because they are still investigating. And the charges could change depending on the whatever the outcome will be on the investigation. I hope for her family and friends that it will be known soon.

Milly will be buried wednesday and last friday there was a walk from some miles to remember her. The mayor and a friend of her held a speech. I didn't go there because it was to emotional for me. But i followed it on TV. This didn't only shocked my hometown but also the whole country, so every national television channel spent attention to it. There were even people from other towns to walk along. Also the brother and sister walked along and a carriage with a photo of Milly on it and her favourite horses she used to take care of walked right behind it. They all stopped at the place her grandmother stood and at the end of the walk her parents joined the walk. Everybody was wearing something pink, it was her favourite color. After the speeched everyone released white and pink balloons for Milly. Very beautiful!

Well, this is the update for now. As soon as there is more to tell i will.
I just found this thread and am saddened and shocked. A police officer (in my opinion) should have a heavier sentence, since they are supposed to be the people protecting the children. My niece is 12 and I could not imagine my world if this happened to her. I am sure the family and others are still feeling the effects of this tragedy. I will pray for God's comforting hand to be upon them.
Oh my god what a terrible thing for an officer to do.... my heart goes out to her family. I can not tell you how angry this makes me that there are so many people out there doing this stuff. As a parent and grandparent i get so mad just thinking of what i or my husband would do to some one who ever was to hurt our grandchild. What is wrong with people today! Hugs to you Debbie and prayers for the family and little girl.
So very sad. My community are facing much the same this week. A 16 year old kidnapped, sexually assulted and then burned to death. Why?
Hi Melissa.
You're wright, her family and friends are still feeling the effects of this tragedy. That's also because a lot of people are blaming the police that they haven't searched her at all of the neighbours houses with dogs, but her parents are hurt that those people think that. They say that the police has done everything they could. I agree with you that a police officer should have a heavier sentence. Only he knows why. Nobody else can understand this. A lot of people in my country don't know how to explain this to their ( older) children, because everybody tells their children to go to the police when something happens. Of course this was done by one crazy guy, and you can't blame the whole police corps for this. Thank you!

Hi Rosie.
I don't understand those people who do things like this too. Sometimes i think the whole world goes crazy, but fortunatly i see/read story's of people who do wonderful things and then the world becomes beautiful again. I know what you are talking about when you say that you get so mad just thinking about what you would do if something like this would happen to your grandchild, i don't know what i would do if someone would hurt my daughter and i don't even want to know. Thank you!

Hi Robin.
How awful to hear this! It's really heartbreaking that almost the same thing has happened again with a young girl. I don't think normal people can ever explain why someone would/could do this. My heart goes out her family and the community and big hugs to you.
Tears in my eyes ... oh...... I hope he gets what he deserves...
Oh Debbie. I am so sorry. How awful. (((HUGS)))

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