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Hello all,


I know for many of you this is "old news", but I wanted to share my first EVER Gina K creation with you all. :)


The first (and only set....SO FAR) I have of Gina's is "Organize it!" and since I've taken a liking to making handmade books, it's just a cupful of awesome mixed with a large tablespoon of coolness wrapped in a warm crust of fantastic.  :)


Okay....without further ado, here's what I made:


As I said, I know it's nothing out of this world, but I just wanted to share with people who would appreciate it. :)


Thanks for looking!


(And if this is the wrong forum, I ask your forgiveness and ask the moderators to please move it to the appropriate forum...thanks!)

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Wonderful job Ted!  I love it!
Great job on this Ted and thanks so much for sharing!!  Love handmade books and yours is just perfect.
Gorgeous notebook Ted. Love the little mirror inside! :)

Thank you, ladies! :) I truly appreciate your taking the time to comment.  :)


The Cinch makes it...well, a cinch.  ;)

FABULOUS creation, Ted!! Thanks for sharing... keep em coming!  ;-)
Awesome Ted!   I keep telling myself Im going to make a little book like that, just havent yet!  LOVE this!   Thanks for sharing with us!

I'm so glad to see you got this set Ted *insert big grinning green smiley* 

Your project is awesome!!!

This is great Ted!!
Awesome project!  Well done!
Ted, that is so clever and beautiful. I am sure it will be a "hit" with the lady.  Every lady needs a mirror no matter where what they are doing.
You're all so very kind! :) Thank you for the words of encouragement. :) I was told by a co-worker I should try selling these on if I could only get the guts to do it! ;)
That is a great project Ted. I love the mirror idea.  I was looking through your gallery, you are so talented.

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