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Hi Gina,

For a very long time I have watched you teach your public how to stamp, die cut, frame, use tools and so much more.This is your Stamp TV and you have run it well.  However when your associates are brought in with their individual die cuts to sell and attempt to turn your stamping public into following the craft techniques of some very talented artists, it just is not what your public expects all the time.  We are not artists, we like following YOU.  Stamp TV is your baby, please don't desert us for other women with their own agendas's  As busy as you are, we want YOU.


Thanks for listening.  Bev.

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I agree with everyone. I was not complaining. That being said, I do not subscribe to any social media therefore if I want to see YouTube videos I have to go to YouTube and look them up. When Gina does YouTube I don't get to see it unless I get an email about it. If not for Gina and stamptv, I would never have known half of what I do now. Thanks, Gina.

Never fear, my new studio is getting worked on as we speak! I think this new space will enable me to make more videos as well as getting my face back up front. :) 

Here's a little photo of the progress so far!

Looks fantastic Gina!
Gina Krupsky said:

Here's a little photo of the progress so far!


I have been a watcher, learner and customer of yours for over 2 years now. I have learned so much from you and your team mates. I agree that you all have your own strengths to teach different techniques and that's what I feel works well for us. I will say I do miss seeing you when you post a video for us. Nevertheless I am still learning something new from you. Please know you and your talented staff are so very much appreciated! I am an avid scrapbooker who also makes my own cards and invitations.I can't think of the last time I purchased a card and that is because of you and your staff. I am so glad you now have a stamp set with Christenings and Baptism on them.Would love to see more stamps like that and Communion and graduations. Thank you again for teaching me so much!!!!

Wow!  What a strange thread!  Of course we love Gina and love to see as many videos of her and her wonderful technique as possible.  However, I look forward to Melanie and Theresa's videos.  Only Melanie knows how to make the most of her wonderful images.  I know she spends hours putting her sets together so that they will be as versatile as possible.  How would we know how to get the most out of them if she didn't share her ideas with us?  I can't wait to get my hands on her new dies!   As for Theresa, I wouldn't be able to sponge without her amazing videos and her coloring with pencils and markers are unparalleled. I don't feel this takes away from Gina in any way.  She is an amazingly generous person and the fact that she is willing to share the spotlight with her team speaks volumes about this.  Keep up the good work, Gina!  We are all looking forward to your new set and seeing you again.  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

I always seem to learn something big or little from every video. I really like to learn new ways to use the stamps I already have. The whole team has their own way and style. I love to learn from them all.

With all the ugly stuff on TV with our new leader there is nothing better than getting lost in a video from StampTV.  I don't care if it is over my ability or so easy i could do it blindfolded.  When one of my kids, family or friends give me a call to thank me for the "lovely card" I just smile and thank my lucky stars for finding Gina K. Designs.  Keep up the good work.

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