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Hey Y'all!  Cat here with your 2nd challenge of the year!  And I bet you guessed what it was with  that title huh?  :D!  Yep, its all about the envelope!  For this challenge you are to make your envelope just as awesome as your card!  You do NOT have to make a matching card, but they just look so cool if you do!  :D  BUT, the main thing is to decorate an envelope!  Here is my example:

This is the front.  I even stamped on the address label! 

This is the back of the envelope with the puppy peeking out on the flap!

I created an insert for the flap here.   I took apart an enevelope (moment of silence please for the envelope who was sacrificed for the betterment of his friend....) and cut down the edges just a bit after cutting out the section of the envelope to insert then used that as a template! 

And here is the card that matches the envelope! 

Ok, its your turn now!  Remember, this challenge runs all month long, you can enter multiple times, one winner will be chosen to win a $75 gift certificate from Gina K. Designs!    And now for the small print!!

Be sure to have your creation uploaded to our gallery by Feb. 28th, 10PM CST with the tag MMC22018 so we will be able to find your creation along with all of the others!  Have fun!!

Here is the link to this gallery:

MMC22018 Gallery


Now, go forth and create! 

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Your card is the woof of the world and the moment of silence was historical. Super fun and appropriate challenge.

So cute is your card and really love the way you did the envelope too! I might have to think about this and see if I can join in the fun too!

What a fabulously fun envelope and card!  Great challenge.

Love, love, love your card and envelope.  So adorable and very creative.  Like Verna I will have to think on this one and how to match this adorable card.

Just have to laugh at the phrasing about your sacrificed envelope. Highly amusing. Lovely job on the decoration though and thanks for the challenge.


Love this challenge. I can not wait to get started on this.

Thanks for the inspiration your card is adorable love it.

I'm getting valentines ready to mail and since I was short one I decided to make it so I could use it for the challenge this time. HERE is my design. So happy I could join in this time around too!

Love your envelope and card, Cat! Moment of silence observed ...... now on with the creations. Thank you for hosting!

Moment of silence observed RIP envie - fun challenge. I don't decorate my envelopes enough, but it does really take the card to another level.

Your card is fabulous, I love your background and super cute envelope.

Okay, your whole card and envelope is just too cute!  You have to tell us how you made it, please?

Ok, I felt the need to drag my raggedy bones together and play in this challenge, Cat. When I saw your card and envelope, I smiled all over! Love the paw prints!!!


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