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To say that I was a little excited to be asked by Lori to host this challenge would be an understatement!! Thanks again Lori!

So the Challenge I have for you today is to create a card using a Monogram.  That Monogram may consist of either 1, 2 or 3 Bold letters.  In my examples however, I only used 1 letter, but if you would like to use more please feel free!

For my first card the image is from Lovely Labels 3 and the sentiment is from Inspiration Mosaic.  Love the way the Black and White just pop!

My second example is using Timeless Treasures by Theresa Momber and it was my first stamp set I ever purchased.  Love it!!


And my final card was actually the first card I made when I thought of this idea and the sentiment I received in a Grab Bag here at Stamp TV...but I spent a long time looking for the set, but had no luck! Please Help!!!  :/

 I had a great time making these cards for this challenge and hope they spark your creativity!  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  

Now the important details:

Your Keyword for this challenge is STV12MON20

The deadline for your challenge is Sunday June 10th at 8:00 pm CT


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The cards are Awwwwsome. Great idea!! Can't wait to dig in and see what everyone comes up with. : )

Fun challenge!  Great samples, Nancy.

I kept mine CAS:  {Heart} U

Clever idea Nancy, a good challenge. thank you.

I only had one set of monogram stickers and they were yellow, so I decided to make a generic baby card. I found pattern paper too that had the perfect colors for a generic card, too. So that was what I decided to do for this challenge. I hope you like my Sweet Baby! card I created.

Congratulations on hosting, Nancy! How exciting!!!! Great idea for a card, too - yours are so lovely and cute!!!

Nancy, your cards are so beautiful!!!!! your attention to details is perfect. Thanks for the challenge!!!

Thanks everyone who has already joined the challenge and all your kind words!  I really Appreciate it!!!

Great Idea!! good looking card you have there!

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