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Hello I am so excited that Lori asked me to host this weeks Mix It Up Monday challenge. Thank you Lori!

In case you haven't noticed the Olympics are starting at the end of the week so my challenge is to Go For The Gold. So my challenge is you must use gold on your project.  It can be just a tiny amount or you can make it be the focal point. Let you imagination soar!

I had so many ideas for this one and had a bunch of cards that I could have done, but I stopped at three. Here are the samples I have for your inspiration.

For my first card I used Melanie's Pretty Patterns to create a card with an Asian feel. I love red, black and gold together.


The first thing I think of when using gold is Christmas so of course I had to do a Christmas card, and it adds one to my small stash for this years cards.


Finally I used Melanie's Stately Flowers 4 to create this card. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

You can see the gallery HERE

Please enter STV12MON27 in the tag line of your entry in order to have your name placed in the drawing to win a grab bag chock full of Gina K. Designs stamps.

Please create and upload a new project for this challenge. You may not link a previous card/project. There is no combining of Stamp TV challenges allowed to be eligible to win a prize. However, you can combine it with challenges outside of Stamp TV. And remember you don't have to use Gina K. Designs stamps, but if you do your name will go into the drawing twice! The deadline for this challenge is Sunday July 29th at 8:00 pm, CT.

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Thank you Kathryn!!

Kathryn A said:

NIce cards and a fun challenge! I love gold touches in cards and in my quilting fabric :)

Thank you Rosy!!

Rosy Newlun said:

Congratulations on hosting, Brenda! And your cards are very attractive, too! Love the Asian inspired theme. And who doesn't love GOLD?

Thank you Judy!!

Judy Covey said:

All three of your card samples are gorgeous Brenda and the second and third one would make fabulous Christmas cards.


Thank you Susan!!

Susan Sieracki said:

Awesome challenge. Can't wait to play!! Your cards are beautiful too.

Thank you Lynn!!

Cheryl Wright said:

Brenda, your cards are gorgeous!  Wonderful challenge too!

Thank you!!

T. Doe said:

Congratulations on hosting.  Your cards are beautiful.  It is a fortunate coincidence that I just finished making 50th Anniversary cards for friends of my parents.  :)

Beautiful cards, Brenda!  Congrats on hosting!

Those cards are all so lovely. I especially love the last one, I love putting layers in my cards!

I actually have 2 questions about challenges in general though if anyone wouldn't mind answering for me :) I'm still new here so my questions are:
1) Can you enter a challenge more than once with different cards? Or is it just 1 entry per person (I already know about extra entries for using GKD stamps though).

2) When you say new card, do you mean completely new, or one that is new in a sense that I have not posted it to the website previously?

That's it :) I hope everyone is having fun with their projects!

Thank you Ana!!

To answer you questions

1. Yes you can enter as many cards in the challenge as you want, but you can't make one card for more than one challenge here on StampTV and still be eligible for the grab bag of stamps.

2. I believe that it has to be one that you haven't posted anywhere before.  One of the mods here may correct me on this one.

I look forward to seeing what you have for the challenge.

Great challenge Brenda! Love your card samples!!!

Here is my card.

Here is my entrance for this challenge ~_^

Hi Brenda - Thanks again for the great challenge! I know you answered some questions from Ana, but I'm still confused on the quantity of card entries. Is how many times your name goes into the drawing based on how many different cards you submit to the challenge? For example - if I submit 3 different cards, does my name go in 3 times? Thanks for the clarification.

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