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This card was a favorite of last month's release and I thought it would be fun to have the technique as a Mix It Up Monday Challenge.

The effect is beautiful and is very easy to achieve.  I've shown how I use the ink pads pressed onto a piece of plastic below.  Also used, but not pictured, is a small container of water.

Supplies needed: GKD inks, brush, small container of water, dry paper towel or napkin (to dry brush between colors) GKD heavyweight white or ivory cardstock, GKD stamp set of your choosing. Any embellishments or patterned paper addition is welcome!

Steps: Dilute the ink pad "smooshing" with a brush that has been loaded with water and quickly swipe the diluted color onto your cardstock with a single swipe.  Do not "work it" as we are not using watercolor paper and the paper will pill if worked too much.  If you would like more of the color repeat the procedure.  Be sure to use colors, that when overlapped, work with each other.  Here I wanted the two colors I chose to represent the sand and the ocean and/or sky. After you have your base, let it dry naturally or help it along with a heat gun before stamping your images on top of your swiped background.

Optional: I found that after it dried a little pressing with an iron flattened it out nicely.




Here are the challenge rules:

 Here's the gallery for STV13MON21

I am looking forward to seeing your watercolored creations!



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Awesome, saw this challenge right when I was going down to my craft room to make cards. Perfect timing! I was able to make two cards using the smoosh technique (which I've never tried), and they turned out totally different. Instead of putting the color on with a brush, I put the card stock right onto the plastic with the ink on it. Thanks for the challenge.

Oh this looks like watercoloring I can actually do!  I'll have to try it!  Your card is just amazing Val!

Very pretty card Valerie! I may have to give this a try.


Oooh, love the effect.  Beautiful CAS card with perfect matching embellishments. 

I LOVED this card from the Release!  Okay, for the record, I don't even iron my clothes, very doubtful I will iron my card!  lol  FUN Challenge.....count me in!  :)

I absolutely LOVED this card of yours Val, so glad you made it a challenge! 

Wonderful technique and loved the challenge. I also adore the card you created with that smooshed background and that neat set of images too. I did a smooshed card as well but I did mine in a more patriotic theme as this is a card I made for an Any Hero card which I will send to Operation Write Home. HERE is my card called Starry Thanks.

Oops... I didn't read your directions very carefully! I focused on the "water colouring" part, but I didn't use the "smooshing" technique.... Will my watercolour cards fit your challenge? If not, I will withdraw them--please let me know. I love the simplicity of your card!
Great challenge. I've been enjoying trying something new.

Here is my entree for this weeks challenge:

What a lovely peaceful card.  Love the beach!  I completed a card for this challenge here

Thanks for the fun challenge, love new ways to use my supplies!

I created another card with this smooched technique by using some leftovers and some freebies I received from Gina K. Designs. HERE is my latest. It has been hard to even be on the internet much as we have had lots of T-storms and that means I shut down and unplug. So if I am missing a lot, you know why! Also company coming so have to put my play things away.


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