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Hi there, Valerie here with a fun and quick challenge.

3" x 3" cards are an easy way to jump start creativity or to make in a pinch when time is tight.  Plus, they are the perfect size to slip into a small gift or as a surprise in a lunchbox or briefcase.

Today's challenge is to make Three 3" x 3" cards using the same supplies; stamps, papers, inks and embellishments.  Change them up so they aren't exactly the same.

Bonus points if you can get them done in 30 minutes!


Be sure to have your project uploaded to the gallery using the tag STV13MON6 no later than next Sunday, February 17th at 8pm Central.  I hope you can find time to play with us this week … I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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So awesome Val! Love your beautiful vintage cards. Gotta try this!

My Three 3x3 Challenge called Petals and Wings Inspriation

Sofia, these are awesome. I love how you used the same patterns but switched them with different color arrangements to make them more unique.

These little jewels are wonderful! Love them!  ;D

I found time to play and had to make another set of those cute little works of art. This set is of some scenes. Check out Nemo and Friends.

Very pretty cards. I have never done any of these so will see if i can get get some done. Do they only do one challenge here now? Been awhile since i have been here.

Hi Valerie,  Thanks for hosting our MIUM challenge and sharing our adorable gift cards.  I didn't realize just how tiny the 3x3 would be but perfect to include with a gift.  Fun challenge.  Here are my little cards and I also added a sample envelope peeking out behind one of the cards.


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