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Happy Monday to you all! I'm back again with another challenge for you. This week I challenge you to limit...a limit challenge that is!

In case you've never participated in this type of challenge before, allow me to explain. I give you a list of items you MUST include in your card/project and you create a card/project that includes everything on the list. Being that it is the holidays and all, I am fine with you adding more than what's on the list but not must have every single item I outline.

The Challenge -  create a card or project that feature the following items:

  • One image
  • One sentiment
  • One piece of patterned paper
  • At least two layers
  • At least two different colors of card stock
  • Three different types of embellishment

To give your creative juices a jump start, I designed a couple of cards. The first features the newly release Celebration Diva Mini Stamp set by Debbie Corbari.

Here's how I used the list:

This next one features It's the Little Things by Rebecca Oehlers.

Here's how I used the list on this card:

Ready to get started? Make sure you see the rules below before you get started.


All entries must be uploaded by Sunday, December 15 by 8 pm Central.  Please use the keyword: STV13MON49 in all caps in the tag section when you upload. 


Here is the Gallery: STV13MON49


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!


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You're so funny Donna! Keep in mind though, it is suppose to be a challenge after all ;-)

Donna said:

Pretty cards!  Wish I had a kitchen sink stamp as I think that's the only thing missing from the list!  lol  Hope to find some time to play over the weekend!  :)

Happy Holidays to you too Anna and looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!

Anna Jernigan said:

Sounds interesting...a list, eh?  Hmm.  I will definitely have to write that down, I can't remember past 3 things!!  LOL  Just kidding. 

LOVE your card examples!  How very cool.  I love the crinkled strip, I have that thing, and lately used it OMGosh, we think alike, sort of.  LOL

How the heck do you come up with these Challenges, girl?  They are so fun!  Tempting, and I have loads of cards to make, so why not add a few like this Challenge, right?  I try to stay with pretty flat cards during Holiday time, to save the extra postage.  I 'm not cheap as much as just hating the principle of the need for extra postage... I think that's not right, and I do everything to skirt that issue.  Well, maybe I am a little cheap, also.  Just a little.  LOL

Happy Holidays to you, and everyone else reading this!  BTW, LOVE the new releases, they are fabulous.  Hmmm, perhaps I need to make this Challenge Christmas-y!  HA!

I'll be going through the gallery tonight...I'm always tickled pink at seeing what you design Verna!

Verna Angerhofer said:

I did it. Got my limited supply card done. HERE is what I came up with. And, that will be the last one from me this week. Too busy doing other things. I had fun though! Thanks for the great challenge.

Eek - can't wait to see what designed! I'll be back later tonight to check out.

Fenicia said:

This is getting lost so I am bumping up


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