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Hey ya'll!! Welcome to another Mix It Up Monday, hosted by yours truly...ME!  And this time, we are Breaking All the Rules!!  That is my challenge to you today, to break the rules...what rules?   Well, as you know, in art, there ARE rules that some follow such as Rule of Odds, Rule of Thirds, Rule of Space...etc...While I wont go into an art lesson, which Im far from being able to teach, lol!  I will give you some examples that you can do to 'Break the Rules' in our little hobby here!   Examples include, but not limited to:


1.  TWO brads/flowers/pearls (no odd #s!).

2.  Put the image at an angle or not centered.

3.  Use colors that clash.

4.  No standard size card...ex.  41/4 x 51/2 is a standard size card, make a card anything BUT that size.

See where I'm going with this?   Here is my example:



I used only 2 brads, and put the focal image over to the left-hand side instead of in the middle and only corner rounded one corner.  I also used oil pastels on kraft cardstock..which in itself isn't really a rule breaker, but something normally not used, lol!


Ok, it's your turn now!  Let's see YOU break some rules and just HOW many you can break on one card?   Maybe the card making/scrapbooking police won't arrest us!!  haha!


Now for the small print:


Please create and upload a new project for this challenge that can only be entered into this challenge here on StampTV to be eligible for a prize, no combining of Stamp TV challenges.  However, you can combine it with challenges outside of StampTV.  And remember you don't have to use Gina K. Designs stamps, but if you do your name will go into the drawing twice!


Be sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery here on StampTV by Sunday, 8PM CST August 7th, with the tag STVMONCT6 in the tag line area.


Here you can find all the creations for this challenge:




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I can't wait to join in this weeks challenge! Love the sunset feel of your card... I bought some oil pastels a few months ago by mistake, now I may have to break them out and try them... but before that going to try to curb my OCD and break some rules... ;)
Beautiful card Cat - will have to break some rules myself for this one!

LOVE your card Cat!  I must say, those colors are gorgeous together.  This will def be an interesting challenge :)


Are you sure you broke any rules?  This card is gorgeous. 


This sounds like crazy fun, and your card is fabulous Cat.
I was thinking there were no rules when it came to card making and that anything goes. If yours is an example of breaking the rules, I want to break rules all the time. It is super gorgeous. Now if I can keep my internet up, I might try this challenge. It seems the humidity affects our service from our provider tower so I may not be able to play as soon as I would want with the sporadic service..
Gorgeous card, Cat!!!
love this
Hmmm...I never thought to put oil pastels on cardstock. Great idea!  I love the look.
This challenge is going to be hard!! What? No balanced, evenly spaced, straight panels? Two embellies?! LOL. This will kick me right out of my perfectly square and aligned box!
I certainly broke all the rules and I think the end result looks that way too. How do all of you get such beautful creations? But at least I got the qualifications I am trying to look on the bright side. Now hope it is not too soon to lunch that you have problems with this mess which involves eggplant, lime green and orange. It would be fine with a horror or Halloween image but with the flowers I chose...not so good. But at any rate here it is:
oh, Cat, I like what breaking the rules looks like!  Great challenge!

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