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This week for Mix it Up Monday I challenge you to create an interactive card!  If you've never made one before, this challenge gives you lots of room to experiment with different techniques and images to create a card that has some time type of motion and requires the recipient to interact with the card somehow beyond just opening it to read what's inside! :)

For my sample, I thought it would be fun to use Becky's glasses from Spoon Me for the top half of a hinged card, the way you raise your glasses, you know?) and then have the reveal of the vision chart when opened. 


Pattern is created with Tami's new Simple Hearts set.


Here some other types of interactive cards:



pop ups





You can find examples of all these in our STV gallery for inspiration and construction, Gina has even done a few videos!  Whether you choose to create a design that is your favorite to make, one you've been wanting to try, and begin with an image you want to set in motion, I can't wait to see what you make!  See the rules below.  Have fun!

Now let's see your interactive cards....they can be for any occasion!  All entries must be uploaded by Sunday, Jan. 27 by 8 pm Central.  Please use the keyword: STV13MON3 in all caps in the tag section when you upload. 

Here is the Gallery STV13MON3

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I'm amazed at all the different ideas for the interactive cards.  Hoping to try this this weekend. The gallery is rocking!

Finally got mine done! Off to the gallery to see what everyone else came up with! :D


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