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Hey y'all!! Welcome to this week's Mix It Up Monday challenge hosted by none other than ME!  :D  Today's challenge is called 'It's Nautical (not at all, get it?! :D) What You Think!  Orrr, maybe it is, haha!  I decided to do a color challenge!  Here is the picture you are to use:

(Photo is found on this site:  Design Seeds)

For this challenge you are to use at LEAST 3 of the above colors.  You can also use neutrals (white, black, and kraft).  Here is my example for this challenge:

I searched through all of my papers until I found some to match every color, lol!  I used the StampTV kit stamp set, Here Comes the Sun and the Ship To Shore stamps set.  The colored cardstock is punched out with a word window punch.  Oh, and do you love the wood veneer pieces that Gina is carrying now?  I DO!!  Can't wait for more!!

Ok, its your turn is all the small print:

e sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery no later than Sunday, July 13th  8PM CST.  Be sure to add the tag 'STV14MON27' to your creation so we will be able to see all the entries together in one gallery!

Here is the link to the gallery for this challenge:

STV14MON27 Gallery!

Now, Go Forth!  And Create!!  :D  Cant wait to see your creations!

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Love this challenge!  I've already got my idea!

Fun challenge.  I really like your card with the fun colored panels.  You might want to fix the "tag" and title.

Soooo cool Cat!!!

So pretty, and love the sentiment.

Thank you Golda!  all fixed and gonna make sure no one used it...if they did, I will correct! 

Golda said:

Fun challenge.  I really like your card with the fun colored panels.  You might want to fix the "tag" and title.

Oooooo!!!! That sample card is fantastic. Nice color choices!
(Which of his lists does Santa put you on if you're thinking nautical thoughts, Cat? ha ha)

Cat, gorgeous card. I love color challenges.

Is this just a color challenge or does it also need to be nautical themed? 

I didn't make it to participate but man did you give me an idea for background sheets. I love this look that I have seen in ( ok laugh it up if you need to) Home depot where the little rectangle tiles are already on a mesh sheet and you just fill in the grout. The thought never connected that we could use the idea in carding until your post here. The word punch laid out correctly will make the same effect and look like a tiled background. I just had the thought that I may be last to figure this out and if so I apologize. ANYWHO, thanks for the idea.

Great card Cat!  You did a fantastic job using all of the colors!  

Are CASED cards permitted in challenges here?  If not, please let me know, and I'll remove the challenge tag from my CASE of Theresa Momber's card.  Thanks.


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