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It's's's Monday!!!!!!  It's challenge time!!!!!

From Millan.Net

This may be a bit challenging for some of you....but it's time to start layering up!!!!  This challenge is to make a card/project with 7 or more paper layers!!!!

I used Rupa's new set... Flowers Bloom.  I did some paper piecing and of course added lots of bling!  ;)   It's not that can do it!!

Use the keyword STV14MON21.

Here's the gallery:  Lots of Layers Gallery

Be sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery no later than Sunday, June 1st at 8PM CST.  Be sure to add the tag 'STV14MON21' to your creation so we will be able to see all the entries together in one gallery!

Come get inky and play along!!!

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I did a very clean and simple card design but with the seven layers (including base) I think it still looks quite attractive. Take a look HERE.

Fun challenge, Lee and your card is just gorgeous.  I'm pretty sure I have more than enough layers on my Berry Layers card. 

Happy Memorial Day everyone and thanks to all who have served in our military to protect our rights and freedoms in the USA.  Here's my card.

Great card and wonderful challenge.... Great idea Lee!!! You always are thinking aren't ya!!! Hope to play along!!!

I hope I can play this week!  I've been working on moving my stamp room from DD's bedroom back to the basement cuz she'll be home from college this week.  I got the "must haves" downstairs and then I ran out of room... Apparently I added some things to my stash since last summer???  Could it be????  : )

love!!! love!!! this card so beautiful!

Your card is super gorgeous!!  And I don't particularly like pink that much, LOL!  Love the delicate, subtle colors.  And guess what?  I used pink on the one I just made!  Well, it's more of a peachy pink, but I think it can go as pink, don't you think?  Here it is

HERE is one more I did with lots of layers. I got on a roll and before I had the card finished realized I was piling on plenty of layers so it should qualify! LOL

I love your card and the theme for your challenge!  I always seem to go overboard with my layers, which means I always end up having to use extra postage, so this challenge is perfect for me.  :-)

I hope I got this challenge right. Here is a link to my entry:



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