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It's's's Monday!!!!!!  It's challenge time!!!!!

From Millan.Net

This may be a bit challenging for some of you....but it's time to start layering up!!!!  This challenge is to make a card/project with 7 or more paper layers!!!!

I used Rupa's new set... Flowers Bloom.  I did some paper piecing and of course added lots of bling!  ;)   It's not that can do it!!

Use the keyword STV14MON21.

Here's the gallery:  Lots of Layers Gallery

Be sure and have your creation uploaded to our gallery no later than Sunday, June 1st at 8PM CST.  Be sure to add the tag 'STV14MON21' to your creation so we will be able to see all the entries together in one gallery!

Come get inky and play along!!!

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Oh, awesomeness! Such gorgeous soft colors and techniques used all over! I don't feel as intimidated by lots of layers this time! Wasn't last time 10 layers? I choked LOL. But 7 - yeah, time to reach for my adhesives and paper cutter. mmmm hmmmmm.

I stared at this card for a while and I'm pretty sure I am counting 10 layers!  That is a lot of paper!  It sure is beautiful.

Beautiful card, and love the layers. This will be a fun challenge.  :)

What a gorgeous pretty card! I love the flowers and pearls.  Yes, I may never have done 7 layers!  lol.  Good challenge!

GOR-GEOUS!!!  I love this fantastic card, Lee.  Woohoo.  So pretty in pink, of course, LOL  I love that about you, you have a signature color.  That is so cool.  You rock!

I thought I counted 8 layers, not counting the card base?  The card base doesn't count as a layer, right?  LOL 

I feel like we are playing "Find Waldo" or something.  Bawhahahaha 

I counted the paper piecing as one layer, then pink, black, pink again, then the pp, black, pink, then more pp.  So, isn't that 8?  I didn't get out my calculator, which I normally use because I hate math, and love my calculator.  LOL

Whatever, but I must say that this sounds like such a fun Challenge.  I may or may not enter, I have a special get-away coming up.  I must focus on getting ready for that.  Focus being the operative word.  ha

Thanks Lee.

I was really hoping the card base counted, so I was going with 10. lol.

I love this card! AND - I love layering. Thanks for a great challenge!

I'm glad we can do 7 or MORE… I like the More part.  LOL  :)

LOL...see how nice I'm being???  I am letting you do 7 layers OR more!  ;)  My card has well....9 or 10 layers depending how you count it!  I always count the card base but not necessarily the piecing....although you could.  But as long as you all have a minimum of 7 (however you like to count it) you'll be good to go!  But if you're like me and love layers then you can always do more than 7!!!

Not intimidated by this challenge at all, it's the one layer challenges that make me want to run and hide!  Since it's pouring down rain here AGAIN today, looks like I'll have some stampy time!

Sounds like a fun challenge and since I am not too busy today might just play along with it. And, I love your card. It is so gorgeous and love all the papers chosen and the piecing as well.

Wowzers! Love the sample for this week's challenge! A treasure for someone very special I think!


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