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Totally agree, Verna!  I went to make my grandson's eighth birthday card and found he has outgrown all the stamps I have. I wish I had purchased Half Pint Heroes.  Didn't think I needed it at the time, but would be perfect now. Too late now, but it's on my wish list for sometime this next year, for sure!  For this year, he will have to settle for foiled birthday candles and balloons!!!

In response to the topic earlier on whether or not to purchase. I have many stamps by Gina K but I rarely purchase

new. I wait for them to come up at yard sales and on our local second hand site. I find usually they are in new or gently used

condition and I am paying a fraction of the cost.Down side to that is they are usually last years popular set.

When I do purchase new I love the stamp kits because they help my dollar go so very far. You usually get about double the value purchasing items that way. Also if you are a person that is limited on

space and can not have a large paper stash this is great you don't have to have a large stash to make amazing creations

right off. Just my two cents.:o)

Wow, must be nice to have that option!  I love in the boonies, and no one stamps around here that I know finding them at garage sales wouldn't be possible I'm afraid...and never have seen them (or any stamps) in good will or anything either.  Great idea to do it that way if you can though...even if it is last years favorite!

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