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Well, I guess us old timers can just stay here and post.  I have tried FB, too, but just don't check there.  Just not as personal.  You all are like old friends.  I didn't check my email and missed notice of the sale.  On my way there now.  Thanks for the heads up!!!!  

I'm with you all on the FB not being as personal. And I'll be one of the old timers that stay here and post. I know the Fan Club is private, but I'm still leery about posting things on FB. I like being able to post my cards here and go back to look at them occasionally when I want to know how I did something, or visit someone else's gallery to get inspiration, It just seems more friendly and personal here. There are people that put there whole life out there and it's like way more than I want to know. Like Johanna, I don't post when I'm out of town, but then I don't post much of anything, other than an occasional comment on someone else's post. 

I posted before about being busy, but actually think it is everything you gals have mentioned.  Also, seems that everything is posted on FB first, then here.  So with all the FB GKD Friends and everyone here have increase the number of people entering contests, etc.  I looked at some of the winners lately and they may be a member but never post on here.  I love Gina and all she does for everyone, but am finding FB is not something I am enjoying so will just check in here.  If I miss something, that is fine!  So count me in to keep posting!  And as the site improvement are made, maybe more will join us!

Totally in agreement with all the comments here today. I prefer here and hope to keep the friendships going. I know Gina is running a business and having inventory is expensive so she has to make sales consistently. Having exposure everywhere is good for her, but hopefully she will also be able to keep what she has built here as well. I'm not a huge purchaser but I am loyal to those that have good products and services and I love her card stock so that is something I will continue to purchase no matter what. I really like the challenges and the comments that others share with me and hope that we can hold onto that.

Don't forget Gina's Facebook Fan page is a closed group. That is why you have to be accepted. So only the members see the content.

Many of us choose not to have Facebook or twitter or pinterest, etc. Its kinda frustrating to hear, "Just go to my Facebook page". 

I am not concerned about the FB group of Gina's since it is a closed group. I think that is a great way to protect the privacy of it. And, mostly all we share is our cards or other projects we have done. Sometimes we share our goodies we buy from Gina too. I will try to stay with both the FB group and this site as well. As to not commenting, I have been so busy with other things but I am sure after the New Year's weekend is over I will be more active. 

I will be definitely staying loyal to this site. I will be here regularly and look forward to the continuing friendships I have formed here. We really don't have anything like this in Australia. And I love everything Gina! Hopefully the site will 'hang in there' until the new one is up and running.

I don't say much on my actual facebook stream...just got it cause that way we MAY be able to keep up with a few family members that way, since we aren't real close so they talk to us much...but I don't mind talking in closed groups like that, cause family members can't see what I say!  LOL  I kinda like the facebook groups, easier for me to see what is new there, than here as I've never quite got the hang of this style of's so different than what I'm used to.  I will however still visit here when I can...just don't spend all that much time online these days for various reasons.  

I am in agreement that I prefer to post on StampTV site rather than the facebook group page.  I am a follower of the fb group however have never posted to it and leave very few comments. It gets confusing because the posts are the same from the group site, the StampTV page and Gina's page on fb.  I never know on which page to hit the "like" button.  This site was more like a friendly gathering place for me.  When I started stamping, I signed up for splitcoaststampers however it's huge and I was a newbie and to this date have still not posted a card there.  I do believe like Johanna mentioned that we have lost touch with each other since the follow button email notifications is no longer happening.  I, too, have been extremely loyal to Gina K Designs so am hopeful that we will be able to keep our group together here at StampTV.    Back to work for me....have a great day everyone.  Thanks for listening to my 2 cents :)  (I could use an emoji button here though...LOL)

I think that every forum I am a part of is much much slower in December.  People are just so busy.  I do have a facebook, but I barely use it anymore.  I did join a facebook challenge group for a short time, but really didn’t prefer it.  I miss the days when people would actually comment on your blogs and gallery posts. Way back when, I think there were more blogs than manufacturer challenge sites.  

So all that to say, I think that it may pick up traffic here in January.  I hope Gina will keep this site and not switch all the way over to facebook.  In one way, I feel like “the next big thing” might replace facebook sometime anyhow.

This is always my first stop and usually several times a day when looking for inspiration. I just have FB to see pictures of the grandkids, nieces and nephews. And the Gina K fan page is a bonus. This is the only place I post pictures and hardly ever comment on FB except for family pics. I do like to check the forum at Splitcoast stampers.


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