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I didn't get an email today.  Was there one?  I have been checking all day.  Even checked my spam, just in case.  Nothing announcing the release on Stamp TV like there usually is.  I'm a little confused - but that's not hard to do!

So sorry Retta to confuse you, no email today it was yesterday or even the day before.

Thanks, Bonnie.  Didn't Gina say she was going to email us the link to the video today?  I guess I need to just trust that it will be here at 8 (7 central).

I got an email today at 8:36pm eastern time!

Think email was sent out late I got mine around 8:34 eastern time.   So does anyone know when they announce winner of the monthly challenge?  And where that will be announced  thanks

I just went to youtube at 8 and the video was there. When I got through watching it, I had an email.  It's all good!  Love the kit!!!!

I love the new kit! Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet.

  I LOVE this paper pack!!!!!!  Click for link to Softly Spring 6x6

Susan Wareham, I don't know this for a fact, but I expect the winner of monthy challenge to be announced on Friday in the Stamp Addicts forum.

Yes, that softly spring paper pack IS pretty, LOVE the colors in it!  I ordered it and the other one, even though I'm not getting the kit this time.  Just can't see spending the money on it, when I'm not thrilled with both stamp ordered the Framescape stamp sets instead...since I hadn't been able to get them yet.  :-))  Would kinda like one of the stamp sets in the kit...although last years spring kit was WAY more to my may get the one I liked  more, when it goes on sale alone in a couple months...or...least sometime down the road I may.  LOL  Least I'll have the papers for projects should I need them!

Thanks Sharon seems strange but whatever I guess thats when next challenge is announced also?  Sorry new to this.

Did anyone receive a "TEST" e-mail from Stamp TV today?  I did not open the link as it may have been spam.   Just checking for confirmation if this originated from Gina and StampTV or not??


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