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Melanie posted a peak " This Girl Is" on the facebook group page and one from Beth "Unicorn Wishes".   Sorry I don't know how to link to it.

dapperdoxie said:

I haven't seen any either...forgot they were supposed to start today, since I was gone part of the day...but am looking forward to seeing what is coming out, even though I don't think I'll have money to buy this month.  :((  Do think Melanie posted a video with a sneak peak of her set....but haven't watched it yet. 

Anyone else have trouble posting to Laurie's blog?

yes, i am and I can't fix. I hope some reply soon! Thanks Linda

Retta Rae said:

Anyone else have trouble posting to Laurie's blog?

Yes, can’t post - something is wrong!  

I still can't post on Laurie's blog, but I have another question.  Am I correct that there will not be a new incentive stamp with the next release?  I can't imagine this one would only be available for two weeks.  It is such a great set.  However, it seems strange to have a release without a new incentive.  This is an unusual set of circumstances, so I just want to find out what the plan is.

Can someone email here and tell her. (Laurie that so she check it out?

Laurie's blog worked for me now. Go in try it. not sure what wrong. But, it maybe fix.

Retta, I think I saw a week or two on the facebook group that there would be a new incentive for both releases....but I could be wrong.  I can't order this month but when I do will be buying this set, cause I do really like it!  :-)))  

Just thought I'd bump this up and say hello to everyone. "Hello"

Yes, we will have a brand new incentive this Thursday night!! :)

Thanks, Gina.  I really love the currant one, so I guess I will have to purchase it.  Won't be the first time I have had to do this.  Great price point, at least!!!!!

Gina Krupsky said:

Yes, we will have a brand new incentive this Thursday night!! :)

It seems to me that with all the excitement around the new releases this month - great stuff by the way, the monthly challenge has been forgotten. No one seems to be posting anything for a few days unless the system is wonky and new uploads aren't showing. I had an issue with getting a comment  added a few days ago so Ning seemed to be acting up again that day. Any news on the new website yet? Looking forward to seeing that and also hoping that some of what we have lost may return in some form or another. Just checking in - not aiming on being critical or negative - just curious about the appeared lack of new additions to the challenge. 

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