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I have written about this issue three times and so far, haven't posted.  If I do end up posting let me say I am not being a Royal Pain In the Butt but, I wanted to know if I am alone on this or if it is just me.  I really miss the weekly challenges.  I liked the idea of making a new card each week and seeing the ones everyone is making.  Now I make mine for the month and rarely come back to looking at the others.  It is too hard to keep track of which ones I commented on and to be sure and hit the ones that are for the monthly challenge.  I would imagine the once a month challenge is easier on the design team, and I totally get it but I just wanted to voice my opinion.  Sorry if I stepped on anyones toes, I don't mean to be critical.

I agree Judy...and yes don't forget everyone you can enter more than you can do this monthly challenge weekly if you like!!

What I miss the most is being able to easily comment and know which ones I have commented on.  It is probably just me, if I were more organized I could better comment on all the cards others make.

Isn't your comment showing up so you can look and see if you commented?  I know some are having trouble with the site, and she is working on a new one so hopefully it will be better once that new one is up and running.  I haven't had time to look around to much lately, so have no idea if I'm having trouble or not.  LOL

I agree with El and also with Judy.  I miss the weekly challenges as I had a plan in my week.  I would see the challenge on Monday, think about it, stamp on Tuesday or Wednesday, take the photo and get it uploaded.  I liked having the same schedule to my week and loved the inspiration I got from seeing the new cards.  Now, I look at the beginning of the month and work it in.  Life has gotten busy, so I don't think I could meet a weekly challenge.  As far as commenting, I am slow to comment.  I look at the gallery a lot, but don't always comment.  I just sat here going through the gallery pressing Next, so I looked and commented.  I forget to go back and look at my cards and thank the person who left comments.  I miss being notified.  I am looking forward to the new site.

I miss the notification when someone comments too. So now I don't thank them like I used to do. But actually a month long challenge works better for me as sometimes I don't have enough time in the week to sneak in a card design. And, if I want I can enter at least four times. But I seldom do.

I just did a card today that I basically did 4 corners on a rectangle.  It's my first attempt with with the wreath builder, and I kinda suck at clusters but am fairly happy with it.  LOVE that I was able to do something besides a wreath!  ;-))  Have to get a picture before I can put it in the will try to do that this evening if I can.  

Judy, you can stamp everything on the bottom half, turn your card stock and stamp on the other half.  On the one I did I then put a banner in the middle.  Sorry, sent it out without a picture.  

judy e mathena said:

Is there any plans for any other type of wreath builders like ovals, if someone has done it please share.

Does anyone remember if there was a Silhouette cut file offered for  Beth's stamp set "Wicked"?  I was pretty sure I had one but cannot seem to locate it in my Silhouette Library.  Hmmmmm

Do we know any more about when the next StampTV kit is coming?  I keep checking the facebook page, but thought it would just put it out here.  I know we are waiting for dies, but I haven't heard anything else.  Yes, I am a little excited about it!.

By the way, did you all see that Gina has cards and foils in the new Simon Says Stamp October kit?

Yes, I did.  Foil release is the 18th - Thermo-Web - Christmas and Kit - the 27th at 7 CT.  Not sure it kit is Christmas or not.  Hope so!

Retta Rae said:

By the way, did you all see that Gina has cards and foils in the new Simon Says Stamp October kit?

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