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Hugs back to you Retta and Diana. I miss the chatter too. FB's not as much fun. Wish we could get together again at the Village. I'm ready for another Gina road trip.

Know what you girls mean. I check here everyday and it is so quiet. I was getting worried everyone had left and weren't coming back. Hopefully when the new site is up and running, things will change. FB isn't anywhere near what we used to have here. Love you all. Hugs to you all!!

Well, truth to be told I am so busy with my garden stuff now that I seldom get to FB, Stamp TV or even find time to make very many cards. I guess my creativity is going in another direction. And, last week I finally got all my yearly medical checkups done so I am good to go for at least another six months I hope. I used to come around to Stamp TV and leave comments but with the screw ups on them with this site I just sort of quit. When I did comment I was all of a sudden getting a ton of emails and that was not a good thing. I usually forgot to click the box so that they were not sent. Before I never used to have to do that. But I am at least still up and running even if at a slower pace. LOL

Summer is a busier time for me too!  Not on the computer as much or even making cards as much.  Hopefully it will pick back up once the busy season is over for a bit to go though.  :-))  

I'm the same as everyone else. I view FB and will often like something but I don't comment much and I really miss the continuity we used to have here at StampTV. We lament the changes and us old schoolers have a harder time with new stuff. I don't trust FB or Google as they follow everything even if you turn stuff off. Privacy is a huge concern for me and these days I post very little that is personal anywhere that is too public. The newbies don't even realize that people might comment directly on an uploaded card at StampTV. Thankfully with some of you I am in touch more often and feel the friendships are real and will continue as long as we make a bit of effort. As for a get together at the village - my hubby actually told me if something came up and the timing was okay that I should book it and do it. So if Gina does put something together and it was at the right time of year for easy traveling you can count on me to be there. Would love to meet you in person if possible. Am going on vacation soon, so if I'm not around that will be the reason. hugs to all of you.

Oh, me too!  That was so much fun!  Hugs!

Judy Inukai said:

Hugs back to you Retta and Diana. I miss the chatter too. FB's not as much fun. Wish we could get together again at the Village. I'm ready for another Gina road trip.

So happy that comments were made on this thread.  I, too, look at facebook because it shows on my news feed but haven't posted any cards to the page prefer to post here at StampTV....progress, I guess.  Happy for the friends here and the comments that are received on cards.  I love hearing from everyone and the encouragement is special.  Glad to hear your medical check ups went well, Verna.  Happy vacation, Johanna. Congrats to Diana for being chosen for the foil give away.   No vacations for me this year but if there is a get together at the Village....give some notice and I'd love to meet everyone, too.   I'm hanging into StampTV until they get rid of Hugs to all.

I was thinking the same thing.  I miss all my STV friends and how much we all chatted.  Diana- how are those twins???


Diana Scott said:

Retta, was thinking the same thing yesterday!  I really miss all the chatter, friends, comments, etc.  Also the ideas and suggestions!  Guess I’m getting old, but FB, which I follow, just has a totally different vibe to it!  Hopefully when the new Web site is up, things will change a bit.  Hugs to all the “family”,

Retta Rae said:

Can't believe it's been so long since someone commented on this thread.  I know part of it is because of the activity on Facebook.  However, I can't help feel that part of it is because of the year long length.  There used to be a new thread  every month and it seemed easier to follow and not so overwhelming to new members.  I don't even check Stamp TV every day anymore, and I used to check it several times a day.  Still love everything Gina k and do following the Facebook page, but I sure do miss my Stamp TV friends.  It was a real family!

So good to see all of your thoughts and just had to check in. I guess I never knew how much the weekly challenges kept me going. I know there are tons of challenges out there to take part in but they are just not the same. And I wish Gina knew the joy in my heart when I would get the notice in my inbox that someone had commenmented on one of my Gina K inspired creations. WOW! Waiting for the new site launch is like waiting for Christmas as a child, but the day keeps getting moved out. I think we all understand that the site is FREE to us and that life happens. So we wait and hope for the days of old.

Please check out my latest addition to the Gallery. Jennifer was showing some new shimmer stuff but she did suggest pulling out your Perfect Pearls. I added them to some Gina K reinker and painted my butterflies that have so much sparkle and were so easy. And you will never believe where I got my Perfect Pearls, well from a friend I met here, She shipped them to me years ago, because she was not using them and thought I might (thanks so much Kathy).

Bonnie, you mentioned Jennifer and I was looking all over the gallery for a Jennifer.  Now I totally know who you mean.  I never purchase reinkers till they are needed, but do own Perfect Pearls.  I have a spritz bottle, one of those small Tim Holtz ones, that has water and perfect pearls.  Sometimes I use it when I watercolor and yes, that came from the talented Jennifer McGuire.  Your card is lovely.

Me too!  I emailed the store and asked if there was any events coming up, but they just said it would be fun but didn't commit to anything.  I just think Gina is just too popular now for such a small event.  I would even be up for a larger event if Gina hosted.  I have my money put back and am waiting.  I will be calling within minutes of seeing the post.  Already have the go ahead from my hubby!  

Judy Inukai said:

Hugs back to you Retta and Diana. I miss the chatter too. FB's not as much fun. Wish we could get together again at the Village. I'm ready for another Gina road trip.

Like many of you,I used to check this daily,but with Facebook it just doesn’t seem as personal.  I miss the videos that Teresa and Melanie along with Gina used to do. Well,life is full of changes,but Gina K. Is still the best!

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