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My cousin just purchased some markers,and one of them had the ink all over the cap, and she got it on her fingers and her oak desk.  Any suggestion on what to use to clean her fingers, and if there is a way to get it out of the oak?  Thanks for the help.  She feels like a dead woman walking right now. 

Also, do you think new tips would save the marker?

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There is a craft scrubbie from Inkssentials that works great on different inks on hands.  Not sure about marker.  Not sure about oak desk.  Maybe she has to ask Heloise for that.

Somebody told me that you can use some colorless blender to get ink off your hands, outside of markers, etc.  You would need to buy the refill for that.  Hope that helps.

Clean fingers:  Alcohol, fingernp ail polish remover.  Oak desk, don't know.  Sometimes mayonaise rubbe on it will help with discolorations.  I'd be skimpy about the mayo and keep the area really small.  Another words don't make sweeping motions wheb trying to clean anything up on wood.  The smaller the area, the less noticable, hopefully.  I have used mayo for circular stains from glasses set on real wood.  What's wrong with people.  They will MOVE the coaster and put the glass on a wood table.  SHEESH, seriously?  A Tip:  When opening any package that contains ink, paint, or markers do it over a garbage bag laid out on a surface.  You just NEVER know.  Been there, done that.  Also ALWAYS wear crafting clothes or a decent apron when crafting anything.  The chances of ruining your clothes is always the highest when you are wearing your best stuff.  Like that last swig of coffee before running out to work?  Yep, that's gonna run down your shirt for certain.  LOL

Copics are alcohol based so I would try using plain rubbing alcohol to clean up.

Permanent, oil based or watercolor?

Copics: try Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover ...worked great for Sharpie on skin for my kids when they were little. I always keep some on hand for the craft table.

The table...depends on the color ink and then also the kind of finish on the table. Oiled surfaces are going to be easier to remedy than lacquered. The longer it sits on the surface the less likely to come out. Oiled surfaces need a touch of wet-dry sand paper or very fine steel wool and a bit of beeswax or danish polish. Laquered surfaces..try the eye makeup remover on a q-tip , just on the ink, not everywhere.

For the oak, try a tiny bit of toothpaste on a soft damp cloth. ;)

I read somewhere that using a baby wipe helps to clean up inks. That might be worth a try. Good luck. I feel your friend's pain in this dilemma. I usually open my packages over my old retro type table we purchase when we got married and therefore not a wood surface. It is much easier to clean up. I never do stamping on our good dining room table at all. I like the suggestion of placing something over the surface though before opening up ink markers. I had a waterbased one leak all over at one time too. It was a mess, but eventually I got my hands clean.

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