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Hi Friends,

We currently have 120 groups here at StampTV however many of them haven't been used in over a year. We pay for the bandwith to keep these groups on the site. So it's time for use to do a little housekeeping. :)

We will be deleting all groups that have not had activity in the last 12 months. If you are a member of any of those groups and there are photos or other things you want to save, please do it this week. We will beginning removing unused groups starting this Friday. 

Thanks so much!


Gina K.

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Linda, I know the MO groups are gone.  They were not active anyway.  I'm sure that many more location groups will go away as many have not been updated in a few or several years.  I think removing groups like anything takes time and energy.  A lot of members have good intentions, read some posts, but never post themselves so I am guessing that is why the Addicts group has so many members.  I remember when it was 200, then it began growing to larger numbers weekly.  It is nice to get inspiration on a weekly basis, so that is why the number has grown so much.  Just my thoughts.

Linda, we are not deleting any members, because we have lots and lots that like to come here... look around at all the lovely card and check out challenges, then they do there own thing! There are members that are inactive for years, (Life got in the way)  and they come back... Even if they never post a card. Some are friends in groups but don't share there work... That is the wonderful thing about this sight, you don't have to post a card to come and enjoy all the creations in the gallery! :) As far as deleting groups... we aren't removing any with really good info or updated info. If we do, it is because the info has been repeated several times and we don't need two or three group with the same info in them. So this month we may have 15,000 active members...and next month we may have 30,000... you just never know! ;)  Hope your weekend is a good and inky one.  <3 

Karen, I do understand about not deleting any members. Until very recently, I was pretty inactive myself for about a year and a half, though I did "look in" occasionally -- as a matter of fact that is how I found Gina's original post on this issue. So, I "posted my vote" on the issue in most of the groups that I am a member of. My previous comment was to express some of my frustration / disappointment / curiosity / etc on the issue of there being so many members counted, but who knows how many are really participating. The Alabama group lists 9 members, and a total of 4 posts by 3 members from April 22, 2010 to December 28, 2010. I joined the group when I joined several other about 3 to 3.5 years ago, although I did not post anything because it looked like there really wasn't anyone there. Although I did just now to see if anyone might answer.

Actually, I had wanted to use Melanie's "Arranged with Love" to make an anniversary card for a friend, but decided that I was starting too late, especially since I have now come down with a summer cold and don't have the energy to do much of anything at all.

I totally understand Gina.  I don't see any reason to spend money on things that are not used.  Thanks for the heads up!  Only you know how to run your business, and in my humble opinion you do and A+ job!  :)

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