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Not sure what's up but this morning Google wouldn't let me proceed to Stamp TV saying it had Malware associated with the Stamping Top 50 from yesterday.  I made sure I updated my Malware software but Gina please have your tech people check into this.  I also got it for a Blog I was trying to go to.  

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That happened to me last night! What's going on?

Actually Google Chrome has been doing that with Splitcoast also.  I've had that happen to me yesterday and today.  However when I use Firefox I don't get any of the Malware warnings.  So it's a Google Chrome issue as far as I've been able to tell by others who are also only having this issue with Chrome.

Lee- Should we look into removing that widget from our blogs?? It's not the first time I have heard of this happening with it...

I think if you have it on your blogs you might wanna remove it....I'm seeing others who had it on their blogs doing that.   I never had it on my blog.

I've been getting the same message when logging onto StampTV and Splitcoast, too, and I too use google chrome.  Glad other people are experiencing the same thing and it's just not my computer. 

It happens on lots of sites.  I've had it happen on my blog, had it checked, and there's nothing there. It's a glitch in their system, I believe.

I just had this happen to me too! I had to go to advanced settings and over ride it.

Just to make it very is NOT a StampTV adding malware Lee said, its a google chrome thing!  :D 

Moving this to 'Helpful Site Information'

I had trouble with Google Chrome crashing on me so i fianly got fire fox, which i like if i could find my favorites that i imported to it,lol. Just been using it for a few days so still getting use to it.

I've been having trouble but can now visit using google chrome

I read that this warning has to do with the "Top 50 widget" that some site use to track visitors. For some reason Google chrome picks it up as malware.

Like Cat said... it is not a StampTV thing!  ;D

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