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Hello I'm a newbie to this site that I just found out about this weekend.  I'm just looking for a friend who loves my same passion, God and the art of paper.  I'm an artist and I love doing crafts. I'm dissabled, kind of a recluse but a great friend to have.  Just looking for a site to have some fun in.  Thank you!!


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You have come to the right place.  This community is full of friendly and giving ladies.  Welcome!
Definitely the right place! You'll find lots of friends here! I hope you'll join in some challenges and just make yourself right at home! :)
StampTV and Gina K's site is the best.  I was a little uncomfortable posting; but here it's alot of fun and the generosity of the design team sharing their talents is unsurpassed.   Have fun and can't wait to see your work.
Welcome to STV!  You will find lots of friends here -- it s a great bunch!!
Lot's of great people to chat with!

You've found the perfect place. Welcome. This is a wonderful place with wonderful people. I look forward to seeing your work.

Welcome Rhonda!!  Like the others have said, you have definately found the right place, I just LOVE it here!!!
Rhonda, there is always something to do on this site. I just started entering too. I am working on a site of my own; still not sure of everything to do, but I'll get there.  I am more visual, so I am working thru it that way.
Yes WELCOME, don't be afraid and jump right in. every one is very helpful and nice. it is the BEST plase to learn new idea adn get wonderful products. they are the best quailty and i love them.!
Welcome Rhonda !
Good for you for reaching out.  Stamp TV is the BEST!  You'll make many friends here.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.  People are always happy to give you input and all of it in a friendly way.  Many, though not all, of us love the Lord, so you'll find many like minded believers here too.  I am also disabled, suffer from severe chronic pain and nearly housebound, but I've never felt more connected than I have since finding Stamp TV.  I consider this community to be a gift from God!!!

Hi Rhonda,

I would love to be your friend! I share your passions, loving God and paper crafting! I am not disabled but I have my own struggles as I battle Lyme disease. I'm glad you found us. There are so many wonderful people in the Stamp TV community, I'm sure you will feel right at home. Welcome.

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