Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Hi Guys!

I plan on doing one live video each week starting very soon.

I was thinking it would be fun to get your feedback on what products and techniques you'd like to see in a live format where you could ask questions and I could answer them live!

I also hope you will add general questions here that you would like me to answer and I will do a little Q&A spot during each live video. That will allow me to have things ready in case the answer requires something visual.

I'll be checking back soon on this thread so feel free to add your questions and ideas here!


Gina K.

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I am interested in stencils.  I have several stencils, several kinds of inking tools, but always draw a blank when I pull them out to use.

I've been following Rina's videos on You Tube but I'm unable to leave a comment even when I'm signed in to Google.  When I try to leave a public comment I get a message that no name has been assigned to that account and to try later..  I wish you would run her videos through StampTV instead of You Tube so I have a chance to comment (and maybe win! LOL).  I emailed about this once before and someone responded that I could watch them on StampTV but every time I type in the name of her video, I get a message that it wasn't found.  So sad, because Rina's videos are the highlight of my week!!  

I agree with Ken, that I just love to see you, regardless of what technique you are teaching.  I always have issues with any medium on black cardstock.  I love this look, but never quite pull it off.  Would love to see more videos about that.

I would like to see videos on color matching. I am not an artist and I get confused with the color wheel and it’s terms. Monochromatic is the easiest but I know there are a lot more.

Great ideas. I would love to see maybe once a month using an older set that is still available.  

Does the amalgam ink work on acetate and vellum? 

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