Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Hi Guys!

I plan on doing one live video each week starting very soon.

I was thinking it would be fun to get your feedback on what products and techniques you'd like to see in a live format where you could ask questions and I could answer them live!

I also hope you will add general questions here that you would like me to answer and I will do a little Q&A spot during each live video. That will allow me to have things ready in case the answer requires something visual.

I'll be checking back soon on this thread so feel free to add your questions and ideas here!


Gina K.

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Kenny Fry said:

Whether it's live or recorded, would just love to see your kind, encouraging eyes and terrific smile on camera again - it's your unique connection with the StampTV and YouTube community, and what sets your tutorials apart from all others...  :o)

I agree with Kenny 100 percent.  You have a wonderful way of making the viewer feel like they've just sat down with you to share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while watching you create your magic!  There are no other videos that come close to yours. Thanks for your wonderful way of teaching us to love paper crafting!!!  YOU ROCK!!!

*****Oh I absolutely agree with others here that while I will watch anything in Gina K Style I really truly miss the "old" way of videos instead of the new way of voice overs. For me it just made it all the more personable and as if you spent time with each individual and I think that's the key word for me....Spending Time With Us....after all where else can you Spend Time with thousands of people all at the same time!! So grab a cuppa and come on in;)
I love it when you show us techniques and while I do love flat cards I really would love to see more 3D ish cards and bigger ones. I would love to see 6x6 and 5x7 cards.*****

It's always fun to see background techniques with the different stamps: different ways of doing backgrounds, etc.

hehe, I know change is needed, but I have to agree with the others, I do miss seeing YOU in the video's!  I don't know what it is, maybe just the connection feeling it gives us, but I did love that part of the video too!  However, I realize you can't please everyone, so I'm just THRILLED to see video's you make, however they are done! Also don't really have any specific thing I'm needing to know right now...unless it would be maybe, WILL you and WHEN will you be bringing more ink and cardstock colors out?  Especially wanting two or three good Grays!  

BTW...I do hope you will continue to do regular video's too?   I know...can't help it, I love your video's the best!  :-))

Please return to your old way of doing videos. It's like being right with you in a class. This has set you apart from anyone else in stamping videos.
I totally agree with the others that have expressed this desire. We just love seeing you!!!!

I guess no one  saw the comment Gina made about why she changed the format of her videos.  I love to see Gina, too, but I would rather have more videos than cause her to stop making so many because of the set up time.   Gina is doing what she needs do to make her videos more informative, current and professional.  That said - I miss her too! :)

Oh, no Retta, I didn't see...or least don't remember her saying why she changed the video's.  Yes, I'd rather see any from her than none, so while I miss the old way, it is what it is and I still enjoy her video's! :-))

I missed that comment too, so thanks for mentioning it Retta. Like everyone else, I miss seeing Gina and getting that personal one on one feel, but now that I know what's going on, I understand. I'm looking forward to seeing what goodies she's got in store for us with the new kit.It is such fun.

Gina - I am new to your stamp tv family and am so excited to see the new products and that your shop is in the Milwaukee area! I plan to visit it in about a week when visiting family in Wauwatosa!

I would like to know more about masking when stamping and how it works when putting down multiple images in a design. Additionally I would like to know more about using foil and foiling products. Thanks and I love your clean designs that really anchor all of your projects. Rebecca in Boise
These are some of my designs.
Please do video on using ink with embossing folders. Yours videos are so superior to all the others I have watched I know I will be able to do it after watching you. I now can make a bow after watching your video! I am so grateful you share your talent without reservation.

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