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I hate throwing jars away, plastic or glass.  I was thinking that after they have been washed and the lables removed... there has got to be a way to make a little gift out of them or something.  I know you can fill them with cookie mix and put cloth over the lids with a stamped image on top... but does anyone have any other ideas for decorating a jar full of MmMs or something?  Something a tad bit more contemporary maybe? Let me know (pictures if you have them!)  :)  Thanks! 


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how about a jar of buttons.  the smaller jars can be used for this.  I have seen the small canning jars used and then fabric for the lid.  very cute especially for a sewer or a crafter.


I found a use for plastic ice tea jars. Instead of buying the store type yarn holders,

why not use the plastic ice tea jug to hold the yarn 1-3 skeins and thread the end

of the skein through the flip top lid. Sometimes there are end of season sales to get

them cheap

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