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I hate throwing jars away, plastic or glass.  I was thinking that after they have been washed and the lables removed... there has got to be a way to make a little gift out of them or something.  I know you can fill them with cookie mix and put cloth over the lids with a stamped image on top... but does anyone have any other ideas for decorating a jar full of MmMs or something?  Something a tad bit more contemporary maybe? Let me know (pictures if you have them!)  :)  Thanks! 


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I've made a special French herb and spices mix that I have given away as presents. It's from Julia Child's book "The Art of French Cooking". This mix goes very well with all red meat.

épices fines

1 tbsp each: bay, clove, mace, nutmeg, paprika, thyme (all dried)

1.5 tsp each: basil, cinnamon, marjoram / oregano, sage savory (all dried)

1/2 cup white (or mixed) peppercorns

Throw everything into a blender or coffee grinder (finest setting) and pulverize.


You are actually giving a great idea here! It's FRENCH. It's COOKING.

that would be ideal for a shaker jar!  :)  thanks!  Any others???
I love finding recipes for cappuccino mixes to give as gifts! Those are always fun gifts!

There are some jar ideas within this thread that was posted for Christmas Gift ideas....
That was a great thread Lee, I hope to be able to go back to that one again and again. Everyone loves getting "little" gifts that aren't so "expensive" or fancy that it makes them feel bad to receive them unexpectedly, but that took time and make them feel thought of and loved.  I love doing things like that for people.  I have an idea for 4th of July, hopefully will post it here with picture very soon.

Sounds yummy, but we in the US don't know what "sponge" is....can you enlighten us??? Is it like a pound cake or something??


Sponge is more like Angel cake Judy - a light vanilla flavoured cake.

If you can put it in a jar, you can gift it is my theory, lol!  I made homemade salsa and put into jars.   And remember, Gina K has an awesome set of stamps that you could use to label those jars too even!  :D   Here are the little jars I decorated:
Things I have made and put in jars: Stawberry jam, tomato sauce and my fav cake recipe omitting wet ingredients. Things I have received: pickled people (rage in the 90's) coloured bath salts and coffee bean blend. hope that helps ;)
I've been thinking about this for a NON food item.  What about making a stamp kit in a jar?  You could add some stamps, small ink containers, ribbons, brads, gems, pearls etc.  Perhaps a teeny little booklet to stamp into?  Then you could stamp a lovely label to wrap around the entire jar and the top as well.......hmmmm.......just thinking out loud.  I think this would make a wonderful little gift, fairly inexpensive.  I think crafty and and timid crafters would enjoy it!  :)  Now remember to tell us what you do make.

We use them for storage more than anything.  

I store my buttons in repurposed Frappachino bottles, LOL!  They all match and they look pretty in my craft room.

Another container has our pup's milk bones in it - do you have friends or neighbors who have dogs?  Cute gift idea...

I hate throwing out those Frapp bottles.  Here is a link to a project I made and keep in my kitchen.  I covered the container with patterned file folders (from $1 bin at Michael's).

Click HERE

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