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So I'm FINALLY going to see if I can get my sew mini going!

I'm watching Gina K's videos...

2 questions right now...

1.  the thread guide.
behind it, thru the slit... around the 'cricle'... is this 'around the cirlce' 360 degrees? or just 'around' the front 1/2...??

2. My bobbin has 2 holes on the top and 2 on the bottom, do I just put the thread thru one of them?
I've tried one...then thru both...
so far, the bobbin 'threads' below OR above the bobbin on the bobbin holder on the machine, not on my bobbin...

please help!

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3rd times a charm!
I got it to work!
Pull through just the top hole and 1/2 way around. :)
Oh yay! I should have scrolled down an inch. LOL!
Hi Gina! Thanks for replying!

Oh THANK GOODNESS for your videos!!!
Here's my first stitching!
Have you had your machine long? Still waiting for a sale myself :o)
Um.... yeah... I bought it 'used' from someone at the end of December.
Fabulous!! I left a comment. Very proud Mom. :)

JenMarie said:
Here's my first stitching!

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