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Janome Sewing Tutorial 3- Inserting the bobbin

Part three of my Janome tutorial is one of the most intimidating parts of sewing. For some reason, we are all afraid to put the bobbin in the machine and we aren't sure how to set it up correctly, but it's really pretty simple.

First, open the little plastic cover by sliding it forward and take it off.


Next, remove the empty bobbin that came in the machine. You can use that one for another color thread.

Now, hold your filled bobbin so it looks like this with the thread coming off of it to the right.

*EDITED TO ADD- The Janome Sew Mini manual suggests the the bobbin thread should come off to the left. All of my sewing samples have been created with the bobbin coming off to the right with no issues at all, however, if you prefer to have the thread coming off to the left according to the manual, just turn the bobbin around and continue on with the tutorial as it is written. 

Drop into the bobbin holder.

See how I am holding on to the thread? You will notice in the next pictures that I changed the bobbin thread color to white so you can see it better.

Feed the thread in between these two metal parts like this.

Then, slide it to the left along the outside of the metal part on the left like this.

Then, turn the handwheel clockwise like this.

Turn it until you see this loop appear.

Then, catch the loop with your scissors and pull it up and out of the bobbin area.

This is the way it will look when the bobbin is set up correctly.

Your bobbin thread will be coming out of the bottom like this.

Next, replace your plastic cover.

Pull your top thread through the center of the presser foot and gather both threads together. push them toward the back under the presser foot.

Now your machine is threaded and ready for you to sew!!

In the next tutorial, we'll talk about stitches and tension.

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