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Janome Sewing Tutorial 2- Threading the machine

If you are new to sewing, threading a sewing machine seem a little overwhelming. The good news is, almost every sewing machine is threaded the same way. I had a singer, a pfaff, a white, a kenmore, and now a Janome and they all threaded basically the same way. So, you may be able to use this tutorial with other machines as well.

Threading the Machine
Once you've made your bobbin, click here for that tutorial, you are ready to thread your machine.

Your thread is already on the spool holder on the back.

Next, bring your thread through the upper thread guide like this.

Then, slip your thread around the tension area. It will go down the right side of the red area, around the bottom of the red area and up the left side like this.

Then, once you are back up at the top, slip the thread through the tension take up lever like this. (It's the loopy thing. If you can't find yours, turn the handwheel on the side until it appears.

Then, pull the thread down and slip it behind the needle bar thread guide and pull the thread around to the front.

Your last step to thread the top part of the machine is to thread the needle, through the front and pull it out the back of the needle.

In the next tutorial, I will show you how to insert the bobbin and take up the thread. Then, I will discuss the stitches and we'll take a quick practice run.

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