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Does anyone have suggestion on storing my ink pads. I order several everytime I place an order now I need to figure out how to store them. 

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Oh my goodness, what great advice from everyone! Thank you all for your input.  I have never heard of storing your ink pads upside down before, you learn something new every day.Judy I have a small cassette holder that I presently use but I'm out of room. I may try making me one like Jackie suggested before I invest in one of the expensive wooden holders. Thanks again everyone!!

Thank you for answering my question. I am fairly new to stamping and appreciate any tips and tricks I can get. Have a great day!

Jackie Quintana said:

Penny, that is the exact reason.  However I recently e-mailed Color Box and was told that their pads did not need to be stored upside down. But I store most of my other pads, including Gina K, upside down.

Thank you to all who have responded to my question about storing the ink pads upside down, it's nice to have a place to ask these kinds of questions and have such great feedback, You all are wonderful!

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