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Does anyone have suggestion on storing my ink pads. I order several everytime I place an order now I need to figure out how to store them. 

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I have a spinner rack. Store them upside down. All are labeled and I keep in alphabetic order, which if you forget the exact name can be fun! Probably would make more sense to do by color groups, rainbow order. Works great for me.

Cindy, I have a hanging wood ink pad holder that I ordered on line years ago. But I filled it up in no time. I rearranged my storage drawers and made inserts out of foam core board from Michaels. The board is really inexpensive and cuts easily with an Xacto knife. There are several videos on You Tube that shows how to do it. The nice thing about this way is that you can make the slots the exact size that you want. Here is a link to one video which will lead you to many more.

I don't know how to make it a direct link so you will have to copy and paste the address.

Good luck.


I have watched several of the youtube videos on the foam board that Jackie is talking about.  They look really awesome.  I went out and bought several of them but haven't had the time to try and make the ink pad holders yet.   


Several years ago I found a cassette holder at a garage sale that was meant to be mounted on a wall, or could be free standing. I never used it for cassettes, but when I got into stamping, discovered it was perfect for my Memento inks. Unfortunately the GKD ink pads are just a tad too high for the shelves. A couple of years ago I acquired two three drawer units made to store cassettes. They were just taking up space and suddenly a light bulb went on – maybe they’d work for my GKD inks and they do! The third drawer isn’t completely full, so the pads to lean a bit, but so far, it’s working well. I used a sheet of return address labels to make labels for them and even included the corresponding Copic marker on the label.

I have a couple wooden ink pad storage holders, they are both full so it's time for another!  Like Diana, I store all my pads upside down, I label them and keep them in alphabetical order.  Mine are hung on the wall next to my desk and this system works great for me!

I made a storage holder on my Silhouette from a template I bought from the Silhouette store. It was a bit time consuming to start with but works like a charm now that it's finished. .

I do not mean to cut in to your conversation, my apologies, but I have been reading the responses and wanted to ask why you store the ink pads upside down? Is this so the ink stays juicy on the pad?

Penny, that is the exact reason.  However I recently e-mailed Color Box and was told that their pads did not need to be stored upside down. But I store most of my other pads, including Gina K, upside down.

I don't store any of my ink pads upside down and they work fine.  

Nothing special for my ink pads, I use the 12 x 12 plastic storage boxes with flip top lid that are available at the  big box craft stores.  They hold about 30 ink pads double layered and only buy when they are on sale or with coupon.

I don't store upside down either.  And I would be afraid the lids would fall off especially on the original Gina K pads.

Mary Konrath said:

I don't store any of my ink pads upside down and they work fine.  

Mine are stored on edge in a drawer, and I haven't had any problems.  Unfortunately, with the new ink colors the drawer is full, and I have to look for a new solution.  Love the new inks!!!

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