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One of our stampin' family needs thoughts, prayers, cards!!

Karen Knegten.........a wonderful and active stamper here on Stamp in the hospital.  She just had surgeries for brain aneurysms and will have a long recovery.  If you pray I'm sure her and her family would appreciate every prayer.  If you could send a card I know each and every one will show her how much we all care and shower her with love and support!

You can also leave a message here and we'll direct her hubby here so they can read all the encouraging words!!

Address updated below................

UPDATE: April 3 -

Vicki spoke with Karen today and she said she wanted to wash her hair and to stamp!!!  Now THAT is a fabulous update already!!!!  So, so wonderful to hear!!!!!

UPDATE: April 10 -

From Tina:

Hey all... asking everyone to please continue praying!  Karen isn't doing so well. She's losing electrolytes and is not just tired... but exhausted. Her hubby, CJ, ask that you continue remembering her in your prayers. She's still in ICU and it seemed like she was just moving along fabulously but now they are struggling with getting her brain to understand she needs the electrolytes. Thank you for your support and continued prayers. *HUGS*

UPDATE: April 19 -

The only new info is that she is still in ICU recovering slowly.  I know she's enjoying all the cards and prayers and thoughts!!  We'll keep them coming her way and hopefully hear more news soon!

UPDATE: April 21 -

From Camille:

"Day 21: Karen was moved to a regular room late yesterday afternoon but it will be a short stay as she will be going to rehab. Karen will let you all know when she is ready to start communicating with you. On Karen's behalf, as well as all of us, thank you for your continued support, prayers, and good wishes. since Karen's whereabouts are in limbo, please feel free to mail cards to her
c/o R.S.V.P. Rental Services, 350 W. Northwest Highway, Barrington IL 60010
and I will make sure she gets them. Thanks!"

((I just wanted to add that Karen's birthday is April 28 if you want to send along a special birthday wish too!))

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My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.  Get well soon my friend.  ((((Hugs)))))

My thoughts are with you Karen as with everyone here at StampTV and hope your recovery is a fast one. Love from Australia.

I  met Karen last year at CHA in Chicago when I went to dinner with my sister and some of the wonderful ladies she has met through StampTV.  We had a night of laughing and giggling, idea sharing and great food.  She is a sweet and gracious lady and I am praying for her recovery and for strength for her family. 

Karen, I have been away over the weekend, and just heard this news, I am so sorry.  Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your family, during this trying time.  Just take one day at a time, as you find new strength each day, and grow stronger again each day.  Your Stamp T.V. family is thinking of you, and holding you up!  You are loved by many!!  (Gentle Hugs)

Karen, we miss you. Our love and prayers are in action. Be strong and comforted.

Nothing is to difficult for the Love of God to handle, just trust Him.

In His care and Love,


Big ole (((Hugs))) and lotsa love to you Karen!  Prayers up for a quick recovery!  

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Karen!


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Karen. Your posts have been missed on Stamptv. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.



Karen, my best to you and your family. May God's strength and love carry you through! 

UPDATE!  i physically just talked to Karen!  She sounds FABULOUS!!  Very coherent and ready to stamp!  She is still in ICU and not sure how much longer but all she wants to do is WASH HER HAIR!!  LOL  Sounds good to me!

I told her to expect lots of cards--- Let's bury her in them!!

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes -- it is working!!

What awesome news glad you are reporting on her status. Prayers are working great then. God is good!

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