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I have been asked this question so much, I thought I would post my opinion here.

"What if I can only purchase a few markers, which ones should I choose?"

Even if you can only buy 10 markers, you can do a lot with them if you pick the right colors.
One of the worst mistakes you can make when starting out is to think that you should purchase 3 coordinating shades at a time if you are limited to the amount you can start with.

If all I had was three reds, three browns and three blues, what could I really color? Not much.

But, if I had 1 each of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, skin tone and then purchased a blender pen- I can color anything. Here's why. You can color over and over the area for a darker shade, color just a little for a lighter shade and pick up color on your blender pen and use that as a lightest shade. Now, you have 27 colors!

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you need tons of varied shades per color family to begin.It will be far more enjoyable to color with a variety and to be able to fill in as you go.

This tomato was colored with only 3 markers and a blender pen- YR09- orange, YR15 Yellow, YG97 Spanish Olive and a blender pen.

Please keep in mind, I didn't put much time into this coloring, LOL! Just wanted to do a quick FYI.

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Great tip Gina! I have about 20 Copics or so and this is what I have been doing....Thanks for sharing, that will definitely be a huge help :o)
Thanks for the insight that makes me think the Copics aren't so far away now! Thanks
Thank you Gina. I have been thinking of getting a few markers and had no clue where to start.
I think I am ready to "take the plunge".
With this in mind do you think you will offer individual copics?
Great advice, Gina! Start with a lighter shade of any marker and you can easily add more definition/shading each time you lay ink down... I can't even count how many times I've talked about that at my Copic coloring classes.

But, don't tell my husband that okay? I HAD to have TONS more markers, of course! lol!

Seriously though - to get started with Copics, follow Gina's advice and you won't be disappointed! I was just talking to my mom about this very thing this weekend when we got together to stamp. This morning we colored about 20 different stamped images together (all GinaK flowers from a variety of stamp sets). We colored together step by step... it was the first time she had ever used them and she was amazed at how easy they were to use and manipulate to get the shading on each image.
I wish I had of had this advice when I first started buying! LOL! Because it is sooo true! Lots of time i will only use ONE marker for my shading like this! (then lots of time use pencils over my copics, lol!)
Possibly in the near future. :)
Kheila said:
With this in mind do you think you will offer individual copics?
We make even do a StampTV starter kit.
Thanks a lot Gina. I am about to order my first copics...I was so confused . Now i know.
Can please tell what are the best skin tones.
E00 Skin White is a great starter marker for light skin tones.(I use another called Baby Skin Pink I think is the name tto shadewith the E00) the other E markers in brown and beige are grreat for blending the perfect darker skin tones. HTH!

touch of creation said:
Thanks a lot Gina. I am about to order my first copics...I was so confused . Now i know.
Can please tell what are the best skin tones.
Great tips everyone! I also recommend choosing colors that match the CS you use most often! choose colors that match some of the papers you're always reaching for and you can put down brilliant seamless color in your image without shading and make a perfect match to your cardbase or mats, it's very eyecatching! :) I've also found if I like those colors papers, those are the colors I tend to gravitate to more when I'm coloring also... :)

I also like C-1 and C-3 for outlining to make a sshadow or layering over colors to make a darker shadowed tone of that same color
What a fabulous idea, Gina! And Melanie, thanks for your tips on skin tones too!

Gina K. said:
We make even do a StampTV starter kit.

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