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I know from time to time Gina K has a store special. But can't remember when the time frame is. Dose anyone know the time frame her sale happen? I am trying to save money for her sales thanks for the information.Linda

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I know she usually has a Black Friday sale and an end of the year sale.  I believe she has one over July 4.  Of course, the one she just had(which I missed because I was driving to Missouri all day).  This year she had a 10% sale when her daughter had her first swim meet in the Big 10, which I thought was wonderful!  I know there are some others, but totally up to Gina.  I think it just has to do with inventory.  I'm always just happy when she has them.  Sorry I can't be more helpful!

Thanks  for the information  anyone one else on this topic?

We just ended a sale last week. They are random so we don't really plan them. A lot of it has to do with over stock or when we don't have our next release ready yet. So there are no specific dates, just random. Hope that helps! :)

Thanks Gina K but It better have schedule Because I  miss all sale and never know when happening I wanted buy lot item form you. But I need a huge Sale. Do you do first buy special? Or email special?

Thanks Linda

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