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Hi, my name is Anna I'm originally from Bulgaria but I live in Florida the last 5 years. It's hard to be an emigrant you sart from the zero and sometimes you just sit there. I worked for more than 4 years like dining room server at assisted living facility ,the last two I was promoted to a supervisor (just on paper ) ... one day I got sick I don't know what happened just I felt so ill. From that moment on I started to experience panic attacks . Every single day I was in this place make me feel like I'm going to die.
I lived like that for a almost a year and in the end ,this August they told me they don't need me anymore. I was happy, believe me. I got my unemployment and start doing a lot of crafts ,especially stamping and cards making. I tried and still trying to sell some of my creations,but sadly no one buying them . The time goes by I wanted to make this my career kind of, but right before Christmas my unemployment finished . I try to get extension ,but I'm not eligible for that, of course. I have been looking for job the whole time,maybe not so seriously,but I put so,so many applications and no one called. I start going to some places to look for job,no one was interested or they find a person already and so on. I have so many bills, I managed to pay little by little,but the money finished and here I'm .
I have were to live and some help from my mom and my boyfriend (we all live together, but we still paying something like rent,we remodel the garage and me and my boyfriend live in there, don't get me wrong the garage is nice,but still a garage ) .
I don't know what to do and how to do it. I don't have any friends. I really have a dream to have my own store for handmade staff.I do so many thinks from crocheting ,decoupage jewelry and cards.I guess in this moment I can't do it .
I'm just wanted to tell that to someone who doesn't know me ,just felt right. I'm sorry if that come out to long and for my English . I guess I just need a shoulder to cry. Thank you for your time I appreciate so much.
Love Anna.

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Hi everyone one more hurtful thing happened to me and make me so sad and confused. ... after 5 years together my boyfriend left me and move out this Monday. He broke my heart on million pieces and the light hope that I have it's gone . I still cannot believe it, I still think he will come back at night. .. I don't know what happened in mi life ... the only thing that I know is to keep up and don't give up.. for a just a second my life and dreams just crashed. I know that after the winter aways comes spring ! Oh, boy this is one really long winter and on my limits and something has to change for a good or I will go crazy!
We all need a shoulder to cry on, once in awhile. I am glad you have your boyfriend, as my father committed suicide. So I struggle alone. Be grateful for your little garage. At least it is a type of home. As I bring up my child, i, too sometimes wonder how I will ever get on my feet again. Good luck with your journey through this life. I will add you to my prayers.

So sorry your boyfriend left Anna...I know it's got to be extremely painful, but God has his plan and always knows what is best.  I will pray for comfort for you, and for life to get better!  

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