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Hi, my name is Anna I'm originally from Bulgaria but I live in Florida the last 5 years. It's hard to be an emigrant you sart from the zero and sometimes you just sit there. I worked for more than 4 years like dining room server at assisted living facility ,the last two I was promoted to a supervisor (just on paper ) ... one day I got sick I don't know what happened just I felt so ill. From that moment on I started to experience panic attacks . Every single day I was in this place make me feel like I'm going to die.
I lived like that for a almost a year and in the end ,this August they told me they don't need me anymore. I was happy, believe me. I got my unemployment and start doing a lot of crafts ,especially stamping and cards making. I tried and still trying to sell some of my creations,but sadly no one buying them . The time goes by I wanted to make this my career kind of, but right before Christmas my unemployment finished . I try to get extension ,but I'm not eligible for that, of course. I have been looking for job the whole time,maybe not so seriously,but I put so,so many applications and no one called. I start going to some places to look for job,no one was interested or they find a person already and so on. I have so many bills, I managed to pay little by little,but the money finished and here I'm .
I have were to live and some help from my mom and my boyfriend (we all live together, but we still paying something like rent,we remodel the garage and me and my boyfriend live in there, don't get me wrong the garage is nice,but still a garage ) .
I don't know what to do and how to do it. I don't have any friends. I really have a dream to have my own store for handmade staff.I do so many thinks from crocheting ,decoupage jewelry and cards.I guess in this moment I can't do it .
I'm just wanted to tell that to someone who doesn't know me ,just felt right. I'm sorry if that come out to long and for my English . I guess I just need a shoulder to cry. Thank you for your time I appreciate so much.
Love Anna.

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Anna, I know times get hard! I really do!  Please keep your chin up and keep applying for those jobs, something will come about! (((Hugs)))  <3

Thank you Keren !
I know that something will come along.
I'm praying for that every day. From all of the things happening to me my bigger wish is that the panic attacks goes away and I feel like myself again. Everything will change and I'm not going to be afraid anymore . I will be free!
Just I want to tell you I found a job! It's not something amazing and the money are minimal but will help me pay bills and get some social contact . That will help me to found another better job !

Anna, I can imagine how it feels to be in a foreign country, I live in a foreign country as well.  I am married and have children but all my siblings, and parents are far away, in the USA.  I first did not know the language, but took a language course class, and met people through the class.  I am a christian so I also started to read my Bible, and my faith gives me so much fulfillment, as I feel I am never alone.  I also have RA, so have had a lot of surgeries, but I love my hobby of card making and the people here are so kind, you will find this a wonderful site full of great people.  I will keep you in my prayers.  Hugs!  Claudia

I just read the great news that you got a job, Congratulations!

Thank you Claudia so much !
I see a light in the end of the tunnel and I'm not losing faith and hope. I know everything in this world is a lesson that we need to learn and God is with us in every step in our lives and help us go through. Thank you once again and God bless you!

Congratulations on the new job!!! Just take one day at a time and when you feel a panic attack coming on take a deep breath and think of something funny. I had a panic attack on the way to work one morning and I began to think about whether to call 911 at the stop sign or wait until I was in the school parking lot. I decided at that point not to call 911 because I was not going to let the administrators at my school kill me - I started to laugh at the thought and I felt much better. I became a lot more assertive after that and taught school for many years. I find card making to be very relaxing - watch the videos and you will get lots of ideas, That is how I started. Churches have craft fairs sometimes - maybe you could sell some cards there. I will keep you in my prayers. 

Congratulations on the job Anna!  Keep up the good work!  Claudia's advice of reading your Bible is wonderful, Proverbs has much.  As you pray each day, ask God to take the panic attacks from you and then Thank Him for taking them!  When they do come up, pray in that moment, take this from me! Then, as Donna said think of something funny or something that gives you peace.  This site is a supportive family!  If you are able to make cards, jewelry, and the other items you mentioned - DO IT!  High schools in my area have craft fairs in November -a long ways away now, but giving you time to 'stock up' to sell.  I will  add you to  my prayers as well.  Be Blessed Anna!  Kathi    

Anna, I'm so glad you were able to find a job.  I can tell you, even if the job doesn't seem like one that is right for you, sometimes it turns out that is just where God wanted you and good will come out of it.

You might try selling some of your items on Etsy.  There are often craft sales that will "rent" you a table for a small amount at places.  

Hi Anna,

Getting a new job is wonderful congratulations. The advice everyone

has given is so full of kindness and love for you. Just soak it up.

Stay positive be thankful for everything even your garage. You will find

it helps you to be happier it will also help bring about more good things to 

you. You are so lucky to have your mom and a boy friend you are not alone. You are in my prayers. 

God bless you


First I want to say thank you to all of you for your support and kindness. It is so helpful when you have a good people who gives you hope, thank you from my heart.

I know I'm not alone and I'm so grateful for the time my mother and my boyfriend are with me . Especially my boyfriend he is a wonderful person and love me so much and it's with me no matter what,but sometimes when you feel helpless nothing can't help you except you. You are the only one who can help to yourself.
I learned ,kind of how to cope with the panic attacks and I know how to even stop them ,no not every time works.
About the job ,I'm happy at least I will be able to pay my bills. I still looking for better one I really want to work at Joann fabrics, now they moving to a bigger story close to me and I have big hopes they will take me.
I sell my crafts on ebay, on etsy just doesn't work for me . Last year I sold all of my crochet scarfs and hats,but this year nothing . A lot of people like my cards but don't buy it. I will find a better way to sale them. Have some markets around but you need money to pay,it's cheap but I just can't afford even 20$ even if know I will sale some stuff. Because I need tables and all kind of things to set up nice ,but I will do it just to step on my feet with the bills and the depth :)
Thank you once again for all of the kind words and prayers. God bless you all!

So glad you found a job Anna!  Do hope the panic attacks get better...I've had a few myself, although not for a while, so know they aren't fun.  Keep looking to God, and he will get you through!  Hugs!

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