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I have been a member of STV for probably 4 years now. When I started I didn't know anything about card making, and I have to say some of my creations were, shall I say, rather primitive....ahem. Anyway, I have made many, many friends here over the past 4 years, and have learned so much! Today I was looking at some of the beautiful cards in the gallery, and realized that EVERYONE has just gotten better and better at this craft. We have ALL grown, and greatly improved together!  And it's mostly due to learning from each other - and Gina, of course. Isn't it all just GRAND?!!!!

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Judy, you are so right! I have learned so much from Gina K and Stamp TV and all the great members. And my cards are so much better. I'm in a card group, and I know that everyone always looks forward to my GK kits I put together. They love the cards and supplies I provide them. I just found GK a little over a year ago, and sorry I didn't find it much sooner! Now trying to use up my old supplies (mainly papers) so all I have is Gina K!

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