Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

  I am curious as to how many cards of each type you make. When you make a card along with the video, do you just make one? or do you make several so.that if you, you have an.example left? 

 Also, do you just make cards that appeal to you and.file them,or do you make a card as the occasion comes up?


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I generally make 2 of each.  Like Gayle says. when you cut your paper, you have two card bases.  Now, I often mess up the first one, so I use it to learn.  Then the second one looks much nicer and that is often sent.  I keep several around for those just in case needs.  

These replies are fun to read.

Most of the time I make up one card design, but occasionally for certain holidays and for sending to the soldiers I will make multiples of a design. For myself, though it is usually one designed card. But most I take a photo of so I can look back if I decide to want more like that. And, by special request from someone for a certain design of several cards, then I do more in the manner they wish them to be designed.

In general, I never make the same card twice except for:

Christmas cards

Thank you cards (for Christmas presents)

Mother's Day cards (I make 4 of the same, but all are different colors)

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