Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Here's an easy to follow (I hope) tutorial on how to upload your stamped creations so you can share what you love with all of us!

On the main page (once you are signed in to your stampTV account) click on the little camera icon {add photos} in the middle of the screen. You will get a pop-up screen prompting you to add photos. You will select browse where you will locate the card you want to upload. Select it and hit open and then Add Photos. It’s that easy.

Or you can select Gallery from the top tabs

and then to the right in the middle section you will see + Add Photos.

Hit Browse to locate where the photo is saved on your computer. Select it, then hit Open and Add Photos

Leave the window open while it completes the upload.

Edit Your Photo – give it a Unique NameAdd your Tags (for tips see this post)

Hit Save and you’re done!

I attached a Word Document & a PDF document with screens of each of the steps if you are a VISUAL learner. Let me know if you have any problems or additional questions.

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In reading the instructions for uploads, reference is made to the tags and the "hints" link does not work.  Also, is there a 'rule' for tags? Do you always have to use tags? Thank you!


Im sorry that link isnt working!  This was written back in '09, and since then, I think that page has been removed.   We use tags to help us and our members find certain stamp sets.   There are 'rules' or rather tags we use consistently, such as 'gkd' for gina k designs and each challenge has a specific tag to use.  Also, we use the name of the stamp set, for example lets say you used the stamp set Beyond Baskets by Melanie Muenchinger...the tag would look like this:  beyondbaskets, melanie, gkd   The name of the stamp sets should be all lowercase and smooshed together, no spaces, and have the name of the illustrator.     I could have sworn we had a discussion for tags specifically...Ill go look and see if I can find...and if not, will get one wrote up! 

I have bumped the tagging info to the front....but please remember, in the challenge tags, to use the one the hostess gives you specifically! 

Here is a link also:


Thank you so much! Just gonna have to make me an example and have it right by my 'puter.

Cat, GKD DT/Moderator said:

I have bumped the tagging info to the front....but please remember, in the challenge tags, to use the one the hostess gives you specifically! 

Here is a link also:


Used spellbinder to cut lattice in this card
Happy Halloween.

Hi Joaquina!   Welcome to STampTV!  This discussion is only for instructions of how to upload your creations...if you read these instructions that Donna has posted, you should be able to get your creations uploaded to our gallery! 

Joaquina Cruz said:

Happy Halloween.

Does it matter which Gallery you pick to upload your photo for the challenges?  Thanks.

Cheryl....the galleries are actually only sorted by the tags and keywords.....we copied and pasted the links into a drop down menu but the actual sorting is only done thru the tagging.  So you can upload the Mixed Gallery or the GKD gallery if you used only GKD stamps or just thru your own photo gallery and the tags will determine where the card shows up.  I hope that made sense! LOL

Hi Donna

I am having the most ridiculous time trying to upload my photo's to the appropriate challenges.  I followed the requirements to get there, but I am not seeing my photo on the challenge gallery if there is one.

The challeng I am going for is the Color challenge 'Cssalumnihop'.  Can you show me an easier way to do this.  Plus, I am not sure how to put myself on the list for this challenge either.   I have a hard time understanding how to upload to certain challenges.  I understand by visual learning.

Can You Help Me??

Sofia Khrystyne Whitney

Hi Sofia!  If you have uploaded your card into the gallery and used the challenge keyword then you are just fine!  The only way our galleries are actually separate are by using the keywords.  Then when you click on that keyword or type it in the search box in the gallery all of the cards for that challenge will show up.  I hope that helps!

Do you have any photography tips for taking good pictures of our cards? Staging, background, etc. I see that the ones that are displayed on the main page are usually on a white background. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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