Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

How does everyone take pictures of projects?
I use white card stock for my sides, back and bottom. I've seen mention of boxes. Would that be plywood, or other material, painted white? Off white? What size did you build it? I was thinking of asking my DH to make an open ended box w/, a floor, 2 sides and back, no top or front of course! Let's share how we photograph! Thanks!

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Erica thanks for the tip on the Bandaid tool - I never played with it before :-) so now I know what it does. Great tips m'lady!
Thanks everyone!
Erika, I have bookmarked your post, so I can go back, over and over. Thanks for the info!
I'll be using the old 12 x 12 white CS for now.
Smiles, Lori
I've been messing around with different ways of trying to use the photo editing program that I have, Paint Shop Pro X2, to get the same effects that you much more professional gals have. It's been a bit frustrating for me. One thing I did find out is that the "makeover tool" works much better than the "clone" tool in PSP for healing the joint lines. Go figure.

Using the 2 pieces of SU white cardstock works like a charm. Although, I didn't take my pics outside. That's the next step. Great, GREAT tips, though... after I overcame my issues of working with my own program which was ridiculously frustrating.
Thanks Erika for the great information and links!!
This is great, thanks Erika

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