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I just received my "Just a Note" stamp set, and am having trouble with the musical notes border. While stamping the border, only the outer edges of the image transferred to the card stock. I lined the stamp up and restamped, pressing hard on the middle section, and still no transfer! I finally took the stamp off the block, and transferred the image with my fingers. I tried the whole process a second time, with the same results. So thought I'd ask the experts. Thanks for listening!

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Sometimes if you put something padded under your cardstock, you get a better impression than you do on a hard surface.  I know theyre pretty obsolete, but try a mousepad if you can find one... Theres the possibility, if that doesnt work, that the stamp is cut unevenly or your block may be warped.

Fun Foam will work, like you purchase at a craft store, if you can't find a mouse pad.  I use the thickest fun foam I could find, a lot.  It helps.

Thank you, Cindy and lovinpaper for your feedback. I watch Gina on StampTV and it always looks so effortless, but this border stamp baffles me! Will try the cushioning Thanks! Cammi

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